Junior Infants

Junior Infants

Ms Newman’s Class

Junior Infants have been studying the topic of “myself” in September. Ms Newman’s class made fun play dough people. 

In Aistear, the are playing in construction, small world, sand and play dough stations. 

Garda Norma’s visit

Garda Norma came in to talk Junior Infants about how to be safe in the car and what her job is like as a guard. She showed us her uniform and answered all our questions…

img_8690 img_8684

Junior Infants went on nature walk and Room 3 reenacted the Tornapa Mora!

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Musicians of Bremen

img_1368 img_1367 img_1366

Community Spirit

img_1338 img_1317 img_1314 img_1149

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Still Life Drawings


Junior Infants

2018-04-08-photo-00000242 2018-04-08-photo-00000243 2018-04-08-photo-00000244 2018-04-08-photo-00000245 2018-04-08-photo-00000246

2018-04-08-photo-00000232 2018-04-08-photo-00000233 2018-04-08-photo-00000234 2018-04-08-photo-00000235 2018-04-08-photo-00000236 2018-04-08-photo-00000237 2018-04-08-photo-00000238 2018-04-08-photo-00000239 2018-04-08-photo-00000241

Junior Infants took a very special trip to the shops. The lucky ducks lined up and each purchased a chocolate bar off the very helpful shopkeepers.

 2018-04-15-photo-00000249 2018-04-15-photo-00000250 2018-04-15-photo-00000251 2018-04-15-photo-00000252

20180412_092402 20180412_092404 20180412_093400 20180412_093402 20180412_093405 20180412_093643

Junior Infants worked very hard this term preparing their play “Chicken Licken”. Our school and their parents loved the show. Great job Junior Infants!

img-0551 img-0554 img-0556 img-0558

Farmer Whitney brought the farm to Junior Infants.

20180220_130556 20180220_130605 20180220_130610 20180220_130620 20180220_130932 20180220_130943

Junior Infants were bitten by the love bug and made delicious Valentine’s cookies.

20180212_103317 20180214_115214

Junior Infants were delighted with their Pancake Tuesday treats. Very tasty!

20180213_112803 20180213_112753 20180213_112758 20180213_112803 20180213_112807 20180213_112811

Junior Infants had a great time visiting the Art Centre to see the pantomime “Sleeping Beauty”. Here are some of their excited faces on the bus journey there.

20180129_093433 20180129_093437 20180129_093441 20180129_093444 20180129_093447


Christmas Cards

We have been very busy making Christmas cards.

20171215_104204 20171215_104225 20171215_104233 20171215_104255 20171215_104220

Visiting the Post Office

Junior Infants went on an adventure to the post office to post their letters to Santa.

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Science Week

img_2483 img_2471 img_2475 img_2476 img_2478 img_2480

Junior Infants are learning all about the doctor this month. Here we are singing “Miss Polly had a Dolly”.


Junior Infant Aistear Fun

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Junior Infant Nature Walk

The Caterpillars and the Cubs went exploring this month. They were investigating our local community for signs of Autumn and collect plenty of leaves for nature Art.

20171024_100150 20171024_100209 20171024_100504 20171024_102848 20171024_102852 20171024_102855 20171024_102859 20171024_102904

Junior Infants were very excited posting their letters to Santa.

20161213_091638 20161213_091533


20161213_091520 20161213_091518


 20161213_090655 20161213_091648




Junior infants had a visit last week from Dentist Brian.

He told us all how to look after our teeth.

20161208_101314 20161208_101119 20161208_101041 20161208_100543 20161208_100446 20161208_100444 20161208_100335 20161208_100318 20161208_100210 20161208_100205 20161208_100150




The Gardaí recently came to tell the children about road safety

20161125_093536 20161125_092824 20161125_092819 20161125_092543 20161125_092534


We are very busy having fun in Junior Infants


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World Book Day 2016


20160303_113411 20160303_113402 20160303_113350 20160303_114124 20160303_114204 20160303_114205 20160303_114112 20160303_11341720160303_11333420160303_114204

The day Susie the sheep and Ruby the Kid came to school

20160304_111936 20160304_111937 20160304_111939 20160304_111952 20160304_112024 20160304_112159 20160304_112201 20160304_112208 20160304_112324 20160304_112326 20160304_112431

Look at our Spooky Halloween Displays!

20151021_143251 20151021_143312 20151021_143336 20151021_143345 20151021_143400





Awesome Art Work 2015

20151006_140147 20151006_140204 20151006_140221 20151006_140230 20151006_140237 20151006_140255 20151006_140325






Magical Maths Work 2015

20150928_104143 20150928_104149 20150928_104118 20150928_104114 20150928_104107 20150928_104021 20150928_104114 20150928_104118 20150928_104143 20150928_104149 20150928_104009 20150928_104101 20150928_104054 20150928_104046 20150928_104027




Terrific T-Shirts in Junior Infants

img_20141117_150225           img_20141117_150201        img_20141117_150242






Junior Infants collecting and examining evidence to learn about their past

img_20141112_130122 img_20141112_131148 img_20141112_130613



Halloween 2014:

DSCF1270                   th     DSCF1271


Lá Glas



DSCF1031 DSCF1032 DSCF1033 DSCF1034 DSCF1035 DSCF1036 DSCF1037 DSCF1038 DSCF1039

World Book Day 2014 – Story-time for Infants!

DSCF1013 DSCF1012 DSCF1011 DSCF1010 DSCF1007 DSCF1003 DSCF1002

All Dressed Up for World Book Day 2014

DSCF0980 DSCF0982 DSCF0983 DSCF0985 DSCF0987 DSCF0988 DSCF0997



Happy Valentine’s Day from all the Junior and Senior Infants xxxx!









Silent Night , Holy Night- Clever Caterpillars Art Work

IMG_20131206_134223[1] IMG_20131206_134312[1]




Magic Magnets in the Caterpillar Class!


IMG_20131206_130745[1] IMG_20131206_130751[1] IMG_20131206_130754[1] IMG_20131206_130800[1] IMG_20131206_130840[1] IMG_20131206_130908[1] IMG_20131206_131019[1] IMG_20131206_131058[1] IMG_20131206_131130[1] IMG_20131206_131139[1]

IMG_20131206_130708[1]IMG_20131206_130719[1] IMG_20131206_130735[1]



Busy Bumblebees painting their Autumn Hedgehog….

DSCF0750 DSCF0747 DSCF0746 DSCF0742



Well done to our Bumblebee Pupils who received a Reading Eggs Award Certificate – keep up the great work!

 DSCF0734 DSCF0735


So much fun in the Aistear Room – Bumblebee class at play 🙂

DSCF0715 DSCF0713 DSCF0716 DSCF0719 DSCF0721 DSCF0722


Making ‘t’ in the Bumblebee Class!




Clever caterpillars concentrating hard, painting Harry the Hedgehog.

100_1246 100_1249 100_1248 100_1247 100_1250






Super Senior Infants, painting Harry the Hedgehog during Art.







Play time in the Aistear room…oh what fun!

100_1241 100_1242 100_1243 100_1244 100_1236 100_1237 100_1238 100_1239 100_1240






Clever Caterpillars busy at work!

100_1230 100_1231 100_1232 100_1233 100_1234 100_1235 100_1251 100_1226 100_1227 100_1228 100_1229




Check out our Junior Infant Bumble Bees and Caterpillars……..

IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087



We’re making our mark on St.Marys!

IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0105.

Miss Hallinan’s Junior Infants love the swirling twirling leaves.




Mrs. Keane’s Junior and Senior Infants love the autumn colours so much they created this amazing tree.