Sunflower Class

Sunflower Class

The Sunflower Room

Our twins Stella and Alex who have joined our Sunflower classes. 

Very happy children from our Sunflower Class on their first day back at school


Mrs Corcoran’s Class

 We had great fun engaging in sensory play in the Sunflower Room. We used shaving foam and glue with some food colouring to make ice cream cones. The mixture was so soft and squishy. It was so much fun to feel the texture running between our fingers.

The Sunflower Rm are visiting the library each Thursday until Christmas. There they enjoy story time and sensory, interval play. The jelly mats are a big hit with the children. Last week was story time with the Gruffalo! They got to interact with all the various puppet characters in the story while relaxing on individual beanbags.

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Halloween Fun

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Ms Corcoran’s Class

Mrs. Corcoran’s class were very busy making pancakes. We loved measuring out and mixing all the ingredients. Of course the final stage of tasting was the best!!!


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Mrs. Corcoran’s class are enjoying horse riding lessons at Mullingar Equestrian Centre. We even began trotting on our first day! It was super exciting. We are getting to know our horses and we are building friendships with our Transition Year helpers.









We have been exploring the story of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ for the last few weeks. We have expanded our vocabulary and we have done a role play of all the different scenes of the story. We end up in the ‘narrow gloomy cave (our class tent)’ and proceed to our ‘bed’ where we hide under the covers, so the bear can’t find us. We have had such fun.
We also experimented with all the lovely different textures available throughout the story. We found out that some of us prefer other textures to others.
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Mrs. Corcoran’s class had great fun playing outside in the lovely spring weather.
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Ms Newman’s Class

Ms. Newman’s class had great fun visiting the playground during the lovely weather!

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Ms Newman’s Class went on a Bear Hunt

We have been reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and have really enjoyed the sensory story to go with it. We had lots of different textures to represent each part of the story and we loved getting our hands into each box and exploring what they felt like.
Our class were also busy painting, cutting and gluing during art to create these magnificent works of art which represent all the different places the family visit on their bear hunt.
Zacary showed us how creative he can be by drawing this fantastic picture.
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Green Fingers in the Sunflower Room

The Sunflower Rm have been super busy this month gardening. We have sown vegetable seeds and a large mixture of wild flowers for our sensory garden. It’s going to look fab!

We also planted our own flowers in our individual pots. We enjoyed feeling the different textures of the compost and the bulbs and seeds and we have been busy watering and checking out the progress of our efforts.

Hopefully the boys will be able to bring home their pots in June!

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St. Patrick’s Day in the Sunflower Rm

We had great fun making our St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows and finding our crocks of gold!!!


Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas one and all

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Mrs Corcoran’s Class had great fun visiting the Christmas market.

They enjoyed a beautiful walk in the snow in their wellies. They paid a visit to the Christmas Market to get in the mood for Santa’s arrival ….


Both Sunflower classes were very busy making mini pizzas. Exploring the different tastes and textures of all the ingredients was great fun and even better fun tasting them!

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We went on an Autumn nature walk, we had great fun exploring the different sounds and colours of the leaves.

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We had fun making our winter art!



Sunflower Room’s Autumn Art