The Sunflower Room

The Sunflower Room dressed up in their spooky costumes for their Halloween party.

Mr Scally’s News

Mr Scally’s class wrote a fantastic Hallowe’en poem.


Girls Football News

Our girls football team have been training hard since the start of the school year and it’s brilliant to see so many girls taking part. They played Emper and Presentation in a blitz last Thursday. The girls were unlucky to come away without a win on the day but showed some great skills across the pitch! Well done girls!



Senior Infants Term One

Senior Infants have had an active start to the school year. They have been working on all things Autumn in Aistear, they went on a nature walk, completed pumpkin printing and 2D Shape work.

 001 005 008 aistear-007 aistear-008 aistear-010 aistear-011 aistear-012 aistear-015 aistear-016 aistear-018 autumn-005 autumn-003 aistear-019

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings will take place on Monday 21st October and Tuesday 22nd October 22nd. We are trying a new system this year and would welcome your feedback on it. A note has been sent home with your child giving you the day and the time band for your meetings with your child(ren)’s teacher(s).

Monday October 21st:

2:35-3:30 Surnames A – G

3:30 – 4:25 Surnames H – M

Tuesday October 22nd:

2:35 – 3:30 Surnames N – S

3:30 – 4:25 Surnames T – Z

So Near Yet So Far!

                                        St Mary’s vs Moate

Reporter Jake “Scoop” Warde

First the players changed and went out to do their warm ups. We decided to wear our rarely seen red away jersies! For a warm up they would hand pass to the person in the middle and they would throw it up for you to catch it and then you would hand pass to the next person.

Then the match began. Both teams started strong, but Moate started stronger. They had about 16 points altogether, nearing the end of the first half Paul K scored a point and at the end it was 19 points to 1.

At the start of the second half we really kicked it into gear. After 5 minutes of back and forth Robert H scored a goal that gave us hope. Our teams defenders (Nour, Mikolaj, Motiejus Jack and Josh also Ben Brady as the goalkeeper) were giving it their all. After some time Kian scored a goal bringing the score to 7 points to 19. After some more time Paul K scored a goal after that Robert scored again. We were all over them. It was now 16 points to 19. After that it was back and forth, then a few points and we were in the lead by 1 point and with some more time there were more throws, scores and catches sadly they came out on top, but we didn’t go out without a fight. Our next match is against Rochfortbridge next week.

Final scores

St Marys                                                     Moate

6-9   (27)                                                    4-17(29


Ben                          Ryan

Eoin C                     Eoin D

Thomas                   Jayden

David                       Ali

Nour                         Luke

Marius                     Jack

Mikolaj                     Josh

Motiejus                  Kian

Paul                            Ryan

Robert                       David



Mr Ó Máirtín:

“I am thrilled with the performance. I think we should play in red more often!”

Mr Whitney:

“ A top class performance by a top class team. A brilliant overall team performance. Red jerseys but no red cards!!!”

Mr. Scally

“Mr Whitney should forget the jerseys more often! Super second half”.

Mrs. McVeigh

“I can let the boys out-I mean 6th class, but not the teachers!

Environmental Maths

St. Mary’s have been taking advantage of the excellent September weather. Many year groups completed Math Trails this month.

dscn6432 dscn6433 dscn6434 dscn6435 dscn6436 dscn6437 dscn6438 dscn6439 dscn6440 dscn6441 dscn6442 dscn6444 dscn6447 dscn6448 dscn6449 dscn6450 dscn6451 dscn6452 dscn6453 dscn6454 dscn6455 dscn6456 dscn6457 dscn6458 dscn6459 dscn6460 dscn6461 dscn6462 dscn6463 dscn6464 dscn6465 dscn6466 dscn6467 dscn6468


All Ireland Winners!

Congratulations to Ms Keating and her teammates on winning the Intermediate Camogie Final for Westmeath. This is a second All Ireland medal for Ms Keating having previously won the All Ireland Junior Camogie Final in 2017.

213f95d2-a5e4-425a-887a-975a4da461fb d7b766f5-7d9f-4f5f-b943-e13caa39dbbc


St. Mary’s wish are very own Ms Keating the best of luck in the All Ireland Intermediate Camogie Final.



Ms Keating will be joining her Westmeath teammates on Sunday at 2pm in Croke Park in a match against Galway. It will be televised on RTE2 so make sure you tune in to cheer her on!



Come to school for an evening!

Dear parents/Guardians of 1st – 6th class students,

You are invited to attend a homework evening in the school on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 6pm – 7pm with your child’s teacher.

Find out what homework is given, what teacher expects and find out how you can help your child with homework.

We look forward to seeing you there!


School Re-Opens for New School Term Thursday August 29th 2019

Junior Infants hours:

Thursday August 29th and Friday August 30th: 10:00-12:00

Monday September 2nd, Tuesday September 3rd and Wednesday September 4th: 9:00-12:00

Thursday September 5th: full school day 8:50-1:30



4th & 5th Class Draughts Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the 4th & 5th class draughts tournament. We had a very exciting final.

Well done to Harry and Liam!


Things are heating up in the 4th and 5th class draughts tournament.

The competitors are currently in the quarter final stage with a few wild cards to be chosen yet…more to come!


Baking with Mrs Christie

dscn6217 dscn6193 dscn6194 dscn6198 dscn6199 dscn6200 dscn6201 dscn6202 dscn6203 dscn6204 dscn6205 dscn6206 dscn6207 dscn6208 dscn6209 dscn6210 dscn6211 dscn6212 dscn6213 dscn6214 dscn6215 dscn6216

1st Class Construction

dscn6012 dscn6013

dscn6011 dscn6014

1st Class Love to Read!

dscn6010 dscn6002 dscn6000 dscn5999 dscn5998 dscn5997 dscn5996 dscn5995 dscn5994 dscn5993 dscn5992

Senior Infant Slime

timg-2106 img-2105 img-2104 img-2103 img-2102 img-2100 img-2099

Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been developing their problem solving and turn taking skills during Aistear.

img-2151 img-2176

Junior Infants

Junior Infants treated the junior end of our school and their parents to a spectacular showing of their play “Musicians of Bremen.” Congratulations to all of the students in Junior Infants and their very proud teachers Ms Stevens and Ms Keating.

img_1366 img_1367 img_1368

Junior infants enjoyed a trip to Rochforts and a spring walk in the community.


dscn5882dscn5883 dscn5884 dscn5885 dscn5886 dscn5887 dscn5888 dscn5889 dscn5890 dscn5891 dscn5892 dscn5893 dscn5894 dscn5895

img_1314 img_1317 img_1338

Environmental Math

2nd Class got to grips with their measurements while exploring the school environment.




dscn5952 dscn5951 dscn5950 dscn5949 dscn5948 dscn5947 dscn5944 dscn5943



 Environmental Science

Senior Infants took advantage of the sunny weather this term. They used the clear skies to trace their shadows.

dscn5869 dscn5868 dscn5867 dscn5866 dscn5865 dscn5864 dscn5863 dscn5862 dscn5861 dscn5860 dscn5859 dscn5858 dscn5857 dscn5856 dscn5855 dscn5854 dscn5853 dscn5852 dscn5851 dscn5850 dscn5849

6th Class Cooking

6th Class began their cooking scheme with delicious scrambled eggs.

dscn5826 dscn5829 dscn5830 dscn5831 dscn5832 dscn5833 dscn5834 dscn5835 dscn5836 dscn5837 dscn5840 dscn5841 dscn5842 dscn5844 dscn5845 dscn5846 dscn5847 dscn5848

3rd Class Tennis

dscn5925 dscn5924 dscn5923 dscn5922 dscn5921 dscn5916 dscn5917 dscn5918 dscn5919 dscn5920 dscn5915 dscn5914 dscn5913 dscn5912 dscn5911 dscn5910


Junior Infants

Junior Infants made beautiful still life pictures of a bowl of fruit.



Mrs. Corcoran’s Class have been extremely busy

Mrs. Corcoran’s class were very busy making pancakes. They loved measuring out and mixing all the ingredients. Of course the final stage of tasting was the best!!

20190305_093634 20190305_093740 20190305_093821 20190305_093914 20190305_120122 20190305_120134 20190305_120155

Mrs. Corcoran’s class are enjoying horse riding lessons at Mullingar Equestrian Centre. We even began trotting on our first day! It was super exciting. We are getting to know our horses and we are building friendships with our Transition Year helpers.

They have been exploring the story of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ for the last few weeks. They have expanded our vocabulary and have done a role play of all the different scenes of the story. They end up in the ‘narrow gloomy cave (their class tent)’ and proceed to their ‘bed’ where they hide under the covers, so the bear couldn’t find them. They have had such fun.
They also experimented with all the lovely different textures available throughout the story. They found out that some of them prefer other textures to others.
20190227_115604 20190227_115552 20190227_094353 20190227_094341 20190304_111844 20190304_111554 20190228_131830 20190228_131753 20190228_131728 20190227_115619 20190227_115635

Online Safety

img-1758     img-1751     img-1754

img-1750     img-1753    img-1745

img-1746   img-1747    img-1748

img-1749    img-1759    img-1755

Ms. Newman’s class had great fun visiting the playground during the lovely weather!

 zacary-park-3 zacary-park-2 muirin-park-1 kian-park-1 kian-muirin-park keeley-park-3 keeley-park-2 keeley-park-1 frankie-park-3 frankie-park-2 frankie-park-1 eli-park-1

Bear Hunt Activities

Ms Newman’s class have been reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and have really enjoyed the sensory story to go with it. They had lots of different textures to represent each part of the story and loved getting their hands into each box and exploring what they felt like.
They were also busy painting, cutting and gluing during art to create these magnificent works of art which represent all the different places the family visit on their bear hunt.
Zacary showed us how creative he can be by drawing this fantastic picture.
img_1812 img_1859-1 img_1864 img_1866 img_1868 img_1873 img_1873-2 img_1868-2 img_1866-2 img_1859-1 img_1854-1 img_1837-1 img_1834-1 img_1814-1
img_1859-1 img_1864 img_1866 img_1868 img_1873


Jungle Book Success

Congratulations to the students in 5th and 6th class on their outstanding performances in “The Jungle Book.” The performance in the Art Centre attracted a huge audience and was a fantastic success.

dscn5561 dscn5607 dscn5608 dscn5613 dscn5622img-1704 img-1705

2nd Class Sense Tests

Second class had great fun testing their hearing and taste senses in blind taste and sound tests.

dscn5655 dscn5654 dscn5652 dscn5653 dscn5651 dscn5650 dscn5649 dscn5648 dscn5647 dscn5646 dscn5641 dscn5642 dscn5643 dscn5645 dscn5644 dscn5640 dscn5639

4th Class Musical Instruments

4th class have been very busy making their own musical instruments.

dscn5634 dscn5635 dscn5636 dscn5637 dscn5638

4th Class Project Work

4th class kindly showed 2nd class some of the work that they have been completing this year. 2nd class were extremely impressed by all the hard work that 4th class had put into their projects on the different types of weather.

dscn5473 dscn5474 dscn5475 dscn5476 dscn5477 dscn5478 dscn5479 dscn5480 dscn5481 dscn5482 dscn5483 dscn5484 dscn5485 dscn5486 dscn5487 dscn5488 dscn5489 dscn5490 dscn5491 dscn5492 dscn5493 dscn5494 dscn5495 dscn5496 dscn5497 dscn5498 dscn5499 dscn5500 dscn5501 dscn5502 dscn5503 dscn5504 dscn5505 dscn5506 dscn5507 dscn5508 dscn5509 dscn5510 dscn5511 dscn5512 dscn5513 dscn5514 dscn5515 dscn5516 dscn5517 dscn5518 dscn5519 dscn5520 dscn5521 dscn5522 dscn5524 dscn5527 dscn5528 dscn5531 dscn5533 dscn5535 dscn5538 dscn5539 dscn5540 dscn5541 dscn5542 dscn5543 dscn5544 dscn5545 dscn5546

Aladdin Performance

The students in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class were all treated to a spectacular performance of Aladdin. Our favourite part was witnessing Mr Ó’Máirtín dance moves.

dscn5388 dscn5392 dscn5396 dscn5429 dscn5430 dscn5434


Math Trails

2nd Class

dscn5340 dscn5341 dscn5342 dscn5343 dscn5344 dscn5345 dscn5356 dscn5357 dscn5358 dscn5359 dscn5360 dscn5362 dscn5363dscn5364 dscn5365 dscn5366

Senior Infant Math Trail

dscn5261 dscn5262 dscn5263 dscn5264 dscn5265 dscn5266 dscn5267 dscn5268 dscn5269 dscn5270 dscn5271 dscn5272

Special Visit from the Irish Army

Room 1 Junior Infants

dscn4836 dscn4837 dscn4838 dscn4839 dscn4840 dscn4841 dscn4842 dscn4843 dscn4844 dscn4845 dscn4846 dscn4847 dscn4848 dscn4849 dscn4850 dscn4851  dscn4853 dscn4857 dscn4858 dscn4859 dscn4860 dscn4861 dscn4862 dscn4863 dscn4864 dscn4865 dscn4866 dscn4867 dscn4868 dscn4869 dscn4870 dscn4871 dscn4872 dscn4873 dscn4874 dscn4875 dscn4876 dscn4877 dscn4878 dscn4879 dscn4880 dscn4881 dscn4882 dscn4884 dscn4885 dscn4886 dscn4887 dscn4888 dscn4889 dscn4890 dscn4891 dscn4892 dscn4893 dscn4894 dscn4895 dscn4896 dscn4897 dscn4898 dscn4899 dscn4900 dscn4901 dscn4902 dscn4903 dscn4904 dscn4905 dscn4906 dscn4907 dscn4908 dscn4909 dscn4910 dscn4911 dscn4912 dscn4913 dscn4914 dscn4915 dscn4916 dscn4917 dscn4918 dscn4919 dscn4920 dscn4921 dscn4922 dscn4923 dscn4924 dscn4925 dscn4926 dscn4927 dscn4928



Mr Gaffney, Mr Ó’Máirtín, Mr McGuinness and Mr Whitney staff bravely took on the razor in assembly today. They spent the month of November growing beards which were shaved today. Thank you for all the generous donations. They go directly to the Mullingar hospital to help purchase new equipment.

charity charity-2


dscn4810dscn4809 dscn4814 dscn4817 dscn4822 dscn4823 dscn4824 dscn4825 dscn4831

Ms Christie’s Art Club

Our Art Club takes place every Tuesday. The budding artists have made some beautiful masterpieces.

dscn4667 dscn4669 dscn4670 dscn4671

dscn4743 dscn4742 dscn4741 dscn4740 dscn4739 dscn4738 dscn4764 dscn4763 dscn4762 dscn4761 dscn4760 dscn4562 dscn4557 dscn4558 dscn4559 dscn4560 dscn4561

Cross Country Medal Winners

dscn4736 dscn4732 dscn4731 dscn4728 dscn4724 dscn4714 dscn4713 dscn4711 dscn4710 dscn4709

County Champions, Mullingar Shamrocks

We were very lucky to have Shamrocks visit us with their cup won in county senior football. Mullingar Shamrocks beat  St. Loman’s 2-12 to 1-11 breaking their six year streak.

dscn4578 dscn4581 dscn4598 dscn4599dscn4585

Cormac’s Red Hat Day

dscn4501 dscn4508 dscn4505 dscn4503 dscn4500 dscn4496

Halloween at St. Mary’s

dscn4522 dscn4523 dscn4524 dscn4525 dscn4526 dscn4527 dscn4528 dscn4529 dscn4530 dscn4531 dscn4532 dscn4533 dscn4534 dscn4535 dscn4536 dscn4537 dscn4538 dscn4539 dscn4540 dscn4541 dscn4542 dscn4543 dscn4544 dscn4545 dscn4546 dscn4547 dscn4548 dscn4549 dscn4550 dscn4551 dscn4552 dscn4553 dscn4554 dscn4555

Girls Football Success

Our girls football team are celebrating their first win of the season. The girls togged out on a rainy Thursday October 11th against All Saints. Congratulations to the team and to their couch Ms Flynn who have trained hard during lunchtimes and after school in preparation for this win. We wish the team the best of luck this season!

Homework Club

Homework Club is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.30-3.30p.m. for 4th to 6th class and from 2:30-3:05 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd  classes.  It is supervised by a teacher. Students receive all the help and support they require in addition to being encouraged to work independently. We have THREE clubs in operation, one for 1st and 2nd, 3rd and seniors.


School Reopening Hours

St. Mary’s Primary School will reopen for the new academic year 2018/2019 on Thursday August 30th. Breakfast club will begin on Thursday August 30th at 8:30 am, yard supervision will commence at 8:40.

Junior Infant Hours will be:

Thursday August 30th and Friday August 31st - 10am-12pm

Monday September 3rd, Tuesday September 4th and Wednesday September 5th - 9:10am -12pm

Thursday September 6th - 8:50-1:30 normal school day. Supervision available from 8:40.

First Class Hurling

First Class have been working really hard on their hurling skills. dscn3718 dscn3719 dscn3722 dscn3735 dscn3736 dscn3738 dscn3746 dscn3747

Liam MacCarthy Cup

We were privileged to receive a visit from the Liam MacCarthy Cup in St. Mary’s. Galway won the Liam MacCarthy cup for the first time in 29 years when they beat Waterford in the 2017 Hurling all Ireland final.

img-0458  img-0441 img-0450

2018/2019 Enrolment

Monday January 22nd to Friday January 26th 2018 is Enrolment Week in Mullingar parish schools. Application forms will be available from St. Mary’s School Office. We are enrolling girls and boys in all classes from Junior Infants upwards. Completed forms should be returned to the school on or before 2:30pm Friday January 26th 2018. Offers will be posted on Friday February 2nd and parents should receive them Monday February 5th.

Acceptances to be received by Friday February 9th. 

Requirements for Applications:

1. Application form

2. Birth Certificate

3. Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)

4. PPS Number

Parents and guardians are invited to view our school on our open day on January 20th 2018 between 11 am and 1pm.




St. Mary’s had a special visitor

img-0291 img-0293 img-0295 img-0297 img-0298 img-0299 img-0301 img-0302

Christmas Performance

Senior Infants have been very busy preparing for their Christmas performance. No doubt all mummies and daddies will be very impressed with their beautiful singing.


Pen Licences

Five members of 6th class were very proud to receive their pen licences on Friday. They have achieved the highest standard of penmanship and have set the standard of writing throughout the school. Congratulations Cormac, Óisin, Filip, Katie and Amy.


Sponsored Shave in aid of Good 2 Talk

The male staff in St. Mary’s held a sponsored shave in aid of Good 2 Talk. They bravely chose volunteers from the assembly to shave off their beards. The children enjoyed a non-uniform day and all donations went to Good 2 Talk. Congratulations to all involved.


img-0180img-0215 img-0213 img-0210img-0201 img-0196 img-0191img-0189img-0184

4th Class Art

4th class painting their clay models of Viking Long ships after learning all about Vikings in November.

20171124_113720 20171124_113615 20171124_113707 20171124_113733

Science Week

img_2480img_2478 img_2476img_2483


Junior Infant Aistear Fun


img_2437 img_2436 img_2434


Junior Infants are learning all about the doctor this month. Here we are singing “Miss Polly had a Dolly”.


Junior Infant Aistear Fun

20171026_091021 20171026_091036

20171026_091048    20171026_091111

20171026_091119  20171026_091103

20171026_091127 20171026_091256

Halloween Celebrations


img-0044-1 img-0026-1


img-0033-1 img-0031-1 img-0029-1

Junior Infant Nature Walk

The Caterpillars and the Cubs went exploring this month. They were investigating our local community for signs of Autumn and collect plenty of leaves for nature Art.

20171024_100150 20171024_100209 20171024_100504 20171024_100508 20171024_102848 20171024_102852 20171024_102855 20171024_102859 20171024_102904

Sunflower Room News

The children in the Sunflower Room have been extremely busy this term taking part in a nature walk and cookery class. They learned how to make pizzas – exploring tastes and textures of different foods. Sounds delicious!!

They also had an excellent time on their nature walk exploring for signs of autumn. They did a super job at identifying the colours of the leaves and enjoyed the crunch of them underfoot!

20171012-6 20171012-8 20171012-4 20171012-5 20171006-2 20171006-3


20171006_113046 20171006_113004

Cross Country Success

Despite the horrific weather conditions St. Mary’s achieved great success in the cross country races.

Well done to the 3rd class boys, 6th class boys and 2nd class girl teams who were all in third place.

A special congratulations to Paul Keating in 3rd class and Eoin Duncan in 4th class who earned individual medals for finishing in the top 20.

img_2505 img_2507 img_2510-1  2017-10-05-photo-00000002-1 2017-10-05-photo-00000003 2017-10-05-photo-00000004 2017-10-05-photo-00000005

Girls Football Victory

The girls football team had a fantastic victory against the All Saints. They are having a tremendous year winning against Fore NS but were unfortunate to lose to St Tolas. The girls have one more match to play after the Halloween break.


First Class explore their surroundings.

First class went on an expedition to explore our local community. We paid particular attention to signs of autumn that are beginning to emerge.



All Ireland Champions !!

Westmeath made their first visit to Croke Park one to remember as they claimed their maiden All-Ireland Premier Junior title.

St. Mary’s was honoured to have the Kay Mills Cup visit us along with some of the winning team Captain Fiona Leavy, Muireann Scally, Meabh Scally and Shelia McGrath. Loud cheers and applause were particularly loud and clear for Ms Keating who was goalie for the winning team. Ms Keating regaled us on all of the behind the scene nerves and excitement of such a momentous win over Dublin.

Congratulations to all involved!




County Champions !!

Our school football team recently became county champions. The following is a report of the enthralling final (written by Tom Dorr).




St. Mary’s Are Champions!!!


On the 25th of May, St. Mary’s played Gaeilscoil an Mhuileann in the Cumann na mBunscoil Division 1B Final in Cusack Park. Mary’s had been practising hard and they were determined to win. It was an extremely hot day in Cusack Park but that didn’t stop the lads from playing their best. Joined captains Tom Dorr and Camron Crichton led the team onto the pitch and after a few drills, the game began. The crowds were cheering from both ends.

The game was very tight right from the start. Jamie Rooney scored the opening point after 90 seconds with a perfectly placed free kick, but Gaeilscoil responded with Ryan Kelly scoring a point from a free kick. For the rest of the first half, it was point after point from both teams until Matthew Rooney scored a beauty of a goal created by the two captains. The half time score was 1-4 to 0-4. Mary’s were in the lead.

In the second half, Gaeilscoil started off by scoring two points. After 5 minutes, Mary’s get a 45’ and Jamie Rooney steps up to it.

Camron received the ball off Jamie and he tries for a point but it is deflected into the back of the net. Mary’s were winning 2-4 to 0-6. Enda then scored another goal. Ryan Kelly and number 12 for the Gaeilscoil then scored a goal each. Jonathan Byrne scored a goal and Jamie Rooney with another pont. Tom Dorr finished the game off with scoring a goal and the whistle went. The game finished 5-6 to 2-6 and St. Mary’s were champions!


                                           Billy Darby

Martin Scally      Jakub Wyszomirski            Brandon K.

Daniel Shaw              Daniel Conway             Leon Doyle 

                    Camron Crichton  Aaron Russell

Enda Keating              Tom Dorr        Elvinas Meckauskas

Corey Farrell           Matthew Rooney       Jamie Rooney



image2          image3






Plenty to BEE proud of !!


Our very own Tom Dorr recently represented his county (Westmeath) in the Leinster final of the Spelling Bee competition. He put in an incredible performance, and came in second place. This is an amazing achievement that Tom, his family, his county and the school can be extremely proud of.

Well Done Tom.                                                                                               





Seachtain na Gaeilge 


St Mary’s National School had a very successful festival of events for ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’. Week one started with a poster competition with many elaborate entries and colourful combations of green, white and gold to display around the school building. Stickers were provided which encouraged the use of spoken Irish within the school environs and especially on yard breaks. This was also to highlight ‘Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine’ within each classroom, which would be a coveted prize at the end of week two.


Week two began with sporting and dance activites. The school was fortunate with good weather to facilitate a ‘poc fada’ competition and a game of rounders all through Irish. While indoor events took place in the hall over two days. A dance class through Irish included traditional Irish dance and even a ‘Cha-Cha’ as gaeilge! Following on from this, a successful day of Yoga was held through Irish. Children really enjoyed learning some new techniques while being immersed in the language.


Finally, a ‘Lá glas’ was held on March 16th to mark our national day of celebration for St. Patrick. The ceremony through Irish was assisted by the pupils who performed on the day. Each class gave an excellent display of singing, dancing and poetry. There was a ‘sea of green’ in the hall as everybody made an exceptional effort to dress up in green. We had green wigs, face paints, hula skirts and some very funky green glasses on display. This was a special event and all staff were very proud to be part of the celebration for ‘Lá Fhéile Pádraig.’ Funds were also raised for a charity donation to children in Kenya, Africa. Well done to the pupils. Maith sibh! ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ was a great social event in which students could talk to one another informally through Irish.

dance-1 sng1 sng2 poc3 poc2 dance2







SPELLbinding display from Tom Dorr

Congratulations to our very own Tom Dorr, who competed in and won the regional ‘Spelling Bee’ competition today. Tom is now Westmeath’s ‘Spelling Bee’ champion and will represent the county as he progresses in the competition. It is a fantastic achievement and everyone in St. Mary’s Primary School is extremely proud.

Go n-éirí go geal leat as seo amach.



Third and Fifth Class performed their own rendition of the 1991 classic ‘Sit Down’ by James. So sit down, click the box below and have a listen :)

 OPEN DAY 2017

The open day for St. Mary’s Primary School will take place on Saturday 14th of January from 11a.m-1p.m. You are very welcome to come along, to wander the halls and see what St Mary’s Primary School has to offer. Complementary refreshments and snacks will be available. We look forward to welcoming you to our school :)

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 14.43.59











Sixth Class performed ‘Heyday’ by Mic Cristopher this week. The performance was a tribute for the 15th anniversary of his passing. Please click the link below to see their performance.



€230 Raised from ‘Ice Cream Fun Day’ in Aid of Down Syndrome Ireland 

230 euro was raised from our recent Ice Cream Fun Day in Aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. Thanks and well done to all involved!!

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Sports Day went off without a hitch this week. The children really enjoyed the day and it was the school’s main activity for Active Schools Week.

IMG_6311 IMG_6305 IMG_6300 IMG_6296

IMG_6292 IMG_6290 IMG_6287 IMG_6285 IMG_6282 IMG_6278 IMG_6273 IMG_6271 IMG_6265 IMG_6249 IMG_6247


We recently won a hurling blitz in loreto gym. There were two teams from St.Colmans and a team from Ardnagrath N.S. Our lads came out with a perfect record of 3 out of 3 to win the blitz.

image1 image3

 OPEN DAY 2016

The open day for St. Mary’s Primary School will take place on Saturday 16th of January from 11a.m-1p.m. You are very welcome to come along, to wander the halls and see what St Mary’s Primary School has to offer. Complementary refreshments and snacks will be available. We look forward to welcoming you to our school :)



Sponsored Shave

On Friday, four of the members of staff had their facial hair shaved off during assembly. The children really seemed to enjoy their teachers going through some pain. Many thanks to all who sponsored the shave. It was a great success.

DSCN0968 DSCN0972 DSCN0987 DSCN0994DSCN0983

Online Safety 

Sixth class received a talk today regarding the importance of privacy and the care needed when posting things online. They discussed how the content of material put on the internet leaves a lifelong fingerprint, and therefor great care must be taken when posting. They also discussed the importance of personally knowing anybody you contact online.

             DSCN0957                   DSCN0958






Homework Evening is on Tuesday 15th September at 6.30 p.m.  for all boys and girls  ( and their parents)  from 1st class to 6th class.

Come along!   Meet your child’s teacher.


Find out how to help your child with homework throughout the year.           Homework

Application forms for Homework Club will be available on the night.

Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday!


Mini 7s Hurling

Our hurlers did us proud at the mini 7s in St.Lomans last week. Having come out of our group including Multyfarnham and Whitehall we progressed to play local rivals St.Colmans in the semi final with Tomass Turks, Daithí Ó Máirtín and Tyrone Donoghoe particularly impressive. We then faced Multyfarnham in the final and came out on top after a tight game with Kheelan Poynton and Daniel Conway doing 4th class proud with excellent performances.
After winning out blitz we then faced a very strong Raharney side in the county final where we put up a good fight but fell just short. Well done to all involved on a great day for our school.
Panel: Kheelan Poynton, Daniel Conway, Matthew Rooney (4th)
Tomass Turks, Ruairí Woods, Daithí Ó Máirtín, Caoimhín Duncan, Tyrone Donoghoe, Niall Doonan, Daniel Rooney-Cooke. (5th)
Gianluca Hasset (6th)




Junior/Senior Infants Sports Day


Today (13th May 2015) we held a sports day for junior and senior infants. The children were grouped into 8 teams, and  participated in many activities – relay races/ javelin/ obstacle courses/ egg-n-spoon race/ beanbags/ parachute/ penalty kicks/ tag hunt.

Huge help was given by sixth class students, in both the setup and running of the day’s activities. Many thanks to all the children,  teachers and S.N.As that helped ensure the day was an enjoyable and memorable success :)

DSCN0336DSCN0335DSCN0330DSCN0334DSCN0328DSCN0329DSCN0333DSCN0327 DSCN0326DSCN0332DSCN0325DSCN0324DSCN0322DSCN0323DSCN0321DSCN0320DSCN0319DSCN0318




All Ireland Draughts Success




Our two draughts teams did St Mary’s Primary School extremely proud in the recent All-Ireland Draughts Competition in Limerick. Every player, on both teams, showed great determination and skill in cementing an impressive 3rd and 4th place finish.

Well done to all involved :)





Hurling Blitz

The school sent two teams to take part in a hurling blitz in Loreto College  on Thursday 5th February. A great day was had by all. One of the teams managed to win the competition. Well done to all involved!!

Click on the link below for a student report on the blitz.

hurling blitz report






Christmas Draw

€1134.53 was raised from the schools’ recent Christmas Draw which was sponsored by the Parents Council

Donations this term from the Parents Council were used for

- sports equipment

- a school trip to the pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

- a coach to bring the school choir to the Peace Proms


The winners of the Christmas Draw were as follows:

1st:  Richard McLaughlin

2nd: Murie Hissins

3rd: Bernie Kiernan

4th: Jason Dinnegan

5th: Harry McAuley

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all who took part.

4th class recently took part in a soccer blitz in Loreto College. Both our boys and girls teams had a great day, and the boys took home 1st prize!!!!



   All Ireland Final Draught’s

On Friday 4th April we had an All – Ireland draughts final in CO. Limerick.  It was our first time ever in a draughts final.  Out of 16 teams we came 6th, 10th & 11th which was a magnificent achievement as the competition was a very high standard.  There were 3 groups of 4 players each. Our champions were Ugne Sipaviciute, Marino Hrihor, Aridas Strelkauskas, Refaat Arafa, James Kirk, Jake Sweeney, Benjamin Nanu, Luke Wheeler, Jordan Byrne, Ruairi Fagan, Rohail Ramesh and Sebastian Stromidlo. There were five rounds and we had many victorious players.  All participants represented the school really well.  We had a great time there .We hope to go again in the future and have fun.  Well done to all.

By Rohail Ramesh & Cathal Woods

IMG_0611 IMG_0621 IMG_0625 IMG_0628 IMG_0630 IMG_0631

Soccer blitz

Yesterday sixth class went to a soccer blitz. There was two teams of 8 from our school the A and the B. The two teams were even on points before they met. The matches were six minutes a half. The B team bet the A team by one lucky. The B team got into the semi-finals but did not play as well as the opponents and lost to a strong Kinnegad team who won the final 3-0 against Educate together. Kinnegad were the best team by far. Thanks to Mr.O`Máirtin and Mr.Whitney for their great management.

A TEAM                                                          B TEAM

Max Hahajev                                                Bradley Mee

James Kirk                                                    Cathal Woods

Cian.Farrel                                                   Ryan.Clarke

Barry Nwokeiwu                                         Cian.Mcbride

Gideon Amaechi                                         Harry Mccormack

Ryan. Mccormack                                       Jordan Byrne

Jordan Scally                                                Evan Battle

Refaat Arafa                                                Matthew siode

Mr. Scally’s Class set up their own blog. Room 14 were busy doing  their  homework online on a website called Kigblog.Here’s a link to  see  their work.

In Mr Scally’s 6th class we made Lava Lamps!!

This is how ………

1.Fill a quarter of a clear plastic bottle with water

2.Then fill three quarters or more of the bottle with oil (The more oil the better the effect)

3.Put in some food coloring  (just enough until you can see the water changing color)

4.Drop in a tablet that fizzes such as an alka-seltzer and watch it come to life (remember to put the cap on)



Confirmation tiles

Room 14 were busy making  tiles for their Confirmation and they look wonderful.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh go léir. We all had a blast performing as Gaeilge for our ceolchoirm this week. Everyone was making a special effort this week to use as much Gaeilge as possible and a special child from each class was selected as Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine.

Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl sa scoil an seachtain seo chaite.Bhí ceolchoirm,poc fada agus Lá glas againn.Bhí spraoí agus craic againn go léir.Is aoibheann linn an Ghaeilge i St.Mary’s.

Have a look at some of the pictures:

Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine
Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine
Junior Infants
Junior Infants
1st and 2nd Class
1st and 2nd Class
5th Class
5th Class
4th Class
4th Class
3rd Class
3rd Class
5th/6th Class
5th/6th Class
6th Class
6th Class

World book Day 2014

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite characters for world book day. Have a look:

World book day 14 JI World book day 14 JI2 World book day 14 JI3 World book day 14 JI4 World book day 14 6 World book day 14 6 2 World book day 14 5-6 World book day 14 4 World book day 14 1-2 2 World book day 14 1-2 World book day 14 3 World book day 14 4 (2)


Room 14 made ST.Brigid’s crosses of ST.Brigid’s Day.


The Wizard of Oz

On Tuesday the 3rd of February St .Mary’s went to the Art Center to watch a theater production of The Wizard of Oz which was produced by M&M productions an English Theater company. The Arts Center looked amazing with the colorful set, stage and lighting. As the lights dimmed,  everyone fell silent and we were transported to Oz.

The characters included Dorothy, Dorothy’s brother and uncle, the Tin man, a Scarecrow, a lion, a Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of the East, Glinda the good witch, the Wizard of Oz and Bock! The costumes were colorful and suited the characters.

The plot followed the regular storyline of the movie, but the music mix enhanced the portrayal of the story. We knew the songs but they added their own lyrics. It was the Best Song Ever and we were going One Way or Another on the Yellow Brick Road. The Scarecrow wondered” what does the fox say” while we knew that lion was “crazy” but that Dorothy and Scarecrow were true “Gangnam Style”. The Junior Infants really enjoyed the performance and were very engaged with the characters in the play. The actors were very entertaining and invited us to participate. The 6th class weren’t too sure

if they would like the play but we asked them and they loved it and the music too!

It was a fast paced performance that had the audience yelling for more.

We are very happy to be in St. Mary’s as we are so spoiled ……..but we earn it.

special thanks to Ms.Mc veigh for taking us to this wonderful play

written by:

joseph fox :)

Jack Hand

Erica Lengheli

Keith Dalton:)


A great day was had by all at the St. Mary’s Primary School open day 2014. We certainly enjoyed it. Take a look at some photos of  the fun activities we had on offer.

Junior Infant activities
Junior Infant activities
P.E. Games
P.E. Games
Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall
Music Room
Music Room
Music Room
Music Room
Junior Infant Activities
Junior Infant Activities

christmas 2013 384

World War 2  Spit fire’s planes .

Mr Scally’s  class learning about World War 2. We made our own RAF Spitfire planes. watch the power point to find how !


Stirring up a Storm in 4th Class

In class we created our very own rainstorm when we were learning about clouds. The three cloud types we looked at were cumulous, stratus and cirrus. We recorded the cloud type every day for a week in our copy and we predicted the temperature in Mullingar, Oslo (Norway) and Sydney (Australia)

We created a rainstorm to see how rain falls from the sky. We made some clouds using shaving foam. We made the rain using blue and red food colouring.

photo (16)

We added the rain using a dropper. When we first added the food colouring, nothing happened. This is just like clouds in real life. The water builds up in clouds and when the cloud gets too heavy it starts to rain. After more food colouring was added the rain began to fall from the clouds and we could see it in the bowl!

photo (15) photo (14)

Then we decided to add lots of food colouring and we created a rain storm where the rain covered the bowl and came down really fast as the cloud couldn’t hold it any more.

photo (11)

We were all really excited watching this experiment. We predicted what might happen first and then we wrote about what happened in our copies.

We had fun making our winter art!



        We have been ever so busy for the last few weeks. We have been painting, sewing and assembling Christmas decorations. We are proud of our creations. Some of us learned to sew for the very first time! These decorations are going on sale in the Greville Arms on Wed Dec 4th. We hope you like them and we also hope you might purchase some for your homes.

IMG_0402 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0379

St. Mary’s Primary present Christmas Food Fair & Cookery Demonstration


We are holding our very own Christmas Food fair & Cookery Demonstration on Wed Dec 4th in the Greville Arms. This a major fundraiser for our school with all the proceeds going towards a new Autism Sensory Garden. This will be a huge asset to the school.

On the night there will be several food and craft stalls with a Christmas theme. It might just kick off your Christmas shopping list! We are having a raffle with lots of fabulous prizes and of course we are having Máire Dufficy form Bord Bia to demonstrate some delicious Christmas dishes.

We are prevailing on parents to help us out by purchasing one ticket if possible. Tickets are available from Linda in the office, the Greville Arms Hotel or Miss Burke in Rm 5 (on the infant’s corridor).They cost €12 each or 2 for €20. We would be extremely grateful if  parents would support us with this very worthy venture.


You might have wondered why so many of us are wearing blue today……. Well the reason is we are showing our support for people who have diabetes. In fact many famous buildings in different countries are lit up in blue for the day also.


Between all the classes our school filled a whopping 46 shoeboxes with lots of toys, hats, scarves, colouring books and plenty of other lovely items. We  hope this will brighten some boy or girls Christmas. We know it made us feel really good when we were doing something nice for people that are not us lucky as ourselves.

IMG_0353 IMG_0352


Check out all the ‘spooooooky’ costumes. Which is your personal favourite?? Junior and Senior Infants gave us a really big fright! 6th class could not be recognised. Some of the boys were spotted with wigs and dresses!

Hallowen 2013 325Hallowen 2013 301Hallowen 2013 299 Hallowen 2013 297 Hallowen 2013 290 Hallowen 2013 285


Every class in the school got the opportunity to make chocolate apples for Halloween. We dipped them in sprinkles and they were all wrapped up for us to take home for Halloween. They were scrumptious!

IMGP2491                                                       IMGP2501

IMGP2526                                                            IMGP2509

IMGP2531                                                                 IMGP2535

Preparing for Halloween at St. Marys

The excitement is rising!!!!!!! ………..The witch is stirring up her spells……….. the black cat is watching………. Dracula has made an appearance at the office………..Halloween Art and decorations are to be seen in the corridors………..St.Mary’s pupils are preparing their costumes for Friday aaaaaaaaaaaaaand………….there may be a very SPECIAL TREAT for the whole school as well.






Maths Day in DIT

Yesterday the 6th class went to Dublin for a maths show in DIT. When we got to Dublin we went into the cafeteria to eat our lunch. After that we went into the main hall to play some maths games. There were puzzles, quizzes and cool math games. There were games like Connect Four, Roblox and Who Wants to be a Mathionaire. After that a man who wrote Murderous Maths talked to us. He was very funny and the things he showed us were amazing. When he finished we went home. It was a great day.

By James Kirk and Cáthal Woods

School pictures 1443School pictures 1442 School pictures 1441 School pictures 1440 School pictures 1444

Goal Jersey Day 2013

Last Friday Oct 11th we had a great day for Goal Jersey Day. In fact it was that great we managed to collect €360.67  for Goal. We are so proud of ourselves.

Plunketts supporters turned up with their jersies and stole the show! Keep a look out for the papers this week, we may just feature ……

Check out a few of our very colourful pupils! One pupil, Jordan Byrne managed to wear eight, yes eight jersies) at the one time!.


€360.67 raised for GOAL

School pictures 1437School pictures 1433School pictures 1430

School pictures 1427

School pictures 1438

Check out our Junior Infant Bumble Bees and Caterpillars……..

IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087

We’re making our mark on St.Marys!

IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0105.

Miss Hallinan’s Junior Infants love the swirling twirling leaves.


6th Class Trip to Library

On Wednesday 6th class went to the library for an exhibition and talk from local photographer John McCauley who visited Tanzania for some charity work. The boys really enjoyed the trip and asked some very interesting questions.

IMG_1114 IMG_1116 IMG_1122 IMG_1118 IMG_1110 IMG_1116 IMG_1117

Belvedere Athletics 18/09/’13

On the 18th of September the St.Mary’s Primary Cross Country team went to Belvedere. It was a cloudy day at Belvedere with a little bit of rain. We had a bit of time to get warmed up before the 3rd class boys race started. The 3rd class must have been used to being around girls as they went with the girls in the 3rd class girls race! We won five medals in that race with Tom Dorr coming in 5th. In the 4th class race we only won one but that is still better then nothing. Johnny Joyce picked up a medal for 11th place.  Ruairí Fagan came in 5th in the 5th class race and then the final race came, the 6th class boy’s race. It was a great race with Ryan Kelly winning a medal after coming in 14th. We didn’t get back to school until 2:30pm so the boys were very happy with that as well! Mr.ó Mairtín and Miss Burke came with us but they didn’t do any running … Well done to all the boys who entered and you all did very well. Congratulations!

                                                                                            By James Kirk

IMGP2454 IMGP2438 IMGP2437 IMGP2431 IMGP2428 IMGP2427

Coffee Morning 19/09/’13   

      This Thursday  September 19th we are inviting our parents to come into the school for a coffee morning in aid of our local hospice. It is a very worthy cause and also an opportunity to meet and mingle with other parents over a nice cup of coffee and maybe even a treat to go along with it! So make a date in that diary for 10.45 am this Thursday and bring along your two euro. We will be delighted to welcome you in.

Homework Evening Update 11/09/’13

On Wenesday evening September 11th we had our annual Homework Evening. This evening provided parents with the opportunity to meet with teachers and get some guidelines on how to help and advise their children in relation to homework. We had a great turnout of enthusiastic pupils and even more enthusiastic parents! Now that parents are well informed on what exactly has to be done we won’t be hearing any ‘my dog ate the homework’ excuses from the pupils! Homework is a very important part of schoolwork that consolidates what has been learned during the day in class.

Homework Eve 2013 (3)Homework Eve 2013 (6)

Homework Eve 2013 (12)

Great to see so many parents and pupils working together!

Homework Evening

This Wednesday evening Sept 11th, we will hold our annual Homework Evening in the school. Parents of first, second and third classes are invited to come along at 6.30pm and afterwards at 7.30pm, fourth, fifth and sixth class parents are welcome.

As parents you will get the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and gain an insight into how you can support them at home in relation to homework. It is a really worthwhile evening where you can address any concerns you may have in relation to homework. It is important that you bring your child along with you on Wednesday evening as this makes the experience more fruitful. Your child can bring along the homework that she/he has been assigned  that evening and you will be shown how to improve the experience and perhaps lessen the anxieties that often accompany homework in the home.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and we hope the children will come along in big numbers , full of questions and enthusiasm!

 Our Beloved Miss Whelehan

Choir Concert

On September 5th our beloved Miss Whelehan passed away after a short illness. She was our deputy principal, our teacher, our colleague and most of all she was the rock of our school. She loved St Marys with all her heart and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for our school. We will miss her terribly and think of her every day but we know she will be looking down on us with pride and watching every move we make as we journey into the future. Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís.

We’ve done it ……. we’ve made history!!! 30/08/’13



Today for the very first time we have welcomed not only infants and first class into our school but we have also welcomed girls. Our lives will be changed forever! We had such an exciting day. The junior infants arrival was greeted with a huge welcome by staff and after a fun-filled half day they set off for home with a lovely personalised cup cake with their own name iced on it. They were also armed with a very special certificate to say that they were the first junior infants ever at St. Marys. Indeed senior infants, first class and all the girls throughout the school received this very special certificate.

The Clever Caterpillar Class wave hello 




The Busy Bee Class are so very buzzzzzzy




                                     Girl Power in the Busy Bee Class


We also welcomed new pupils into our ‘Sunflower’ Preschool class. They thoroughly enjoyed the day. They got to sample the delights of the new Aistear Room while the finishing touches were put to their own room. The small world station got plenty of use today and the teddy bears became great friends! Pictures to follow when we get cosy in our new room.

Our New Aistear Room 30/08/’13


Check out our brand new Aistear Room. The word ‘Aistear’ is the Irish word for journey.  It has been chosen because early childhood is the beginning of childrens’ lifelong learning  journeys. This room has been developed to encourage good quality play experiences for our infants. As you can see it is very colourful with lots of exciting work stations for the children to explore. I’m sure our senior boys and girls would loved to have had this as infants!


                                                                                                                   Come and play with us!



Oh what fun we will have at our role play station won’t recognise us!


Our Small World Station….we’ll be on the move!


Our Sand Station is the cream of the crop!


This is where the writers of the future will make a start …..

History in the Making! 30/8/’13

September 2013 is bringing great changes to St. Marys. Never before in the history of the school have we had infants or girls. St. Marys’ boys better beware as as they will have some stiff competition with the arrival of the girls! We are also thrilled to see the advent of the infant classes and of course first class. It will certainly be a busy but exciting year. Keep in touch with school activities by visiting this page regularly. You are sure to see a lot of  new changes  as we set off on our  historic journey.


YE-HA! 25/6/13

Today St Mary’s was taken over by the wild, wild west as 6th class treated us to a performance of their eagerly anticipated musical “Ye-ha”! Catchy tunes, punchy script and capital choreography all had their audience roaring with laughter, joining in the singing and looking for more… The 6th Class musical has become an annual tradition in St. Mary’s and the class of 2012 – 2013 certainly kept the show on the road and lived up to the standard set by their predecessors. Previous performances include “Hoodwinked”, “Robin Hood” and “Go for Gold”. The boys will perform for their family members tomorrow afternoon. Congratulations to Mr. O Mairtin, Ms. O Grady and their classes. Many thanks to all those who helped with costumes, staging and props.


DUATHLON 21/6/13

Well done to all the students who took part in the duathlon today. We’re very proud of you all.



Fifth Class enjoyed a day of sports today. They had the opportunity to play basketball, rounders, tag rugby, unihoc, soccer, hurling and dodgeball. They also competed in the 400 metres race, hurdles, javelin, discus and penalty shots. A great (and tiring) day was had by all.


Here at St Mary’s, we have many enthusiastic cyclists. These are  boys cycle to school regularly. Wednesday was National Cycle to School Day. 27 of our pupils cycled to school using their usual route and 5 joined in the cycle organised by Westmeath County Council. This makes a grand total of 32 cyclists. Well done everybody.

photo (2)

SPORTS DAY 19/6/13

Sports Day for 2nd, 3rd and 4th class was held today. Our boys were split into four teams: red, blue, green and white. The aim of the day was to work as a team and earn points for your house colour. The boys had team sports, track events and individual challenges. All points earned were submitted to Mr O Mairtin for counting. Now we have to wait until WEDNESDAY’s Awards Assembly to find out which team has won the school cup for 2013… We had a lot of fun. Many thanks to the Sixth Classes who organised the events, set up equipment and acted as mentors and guides for the day.



Our highly anticipated sponsored walk took place today and was, thanks to pupils, staff , volunteers and gardai, a huge success. We had glorious weather, assistance from the gardai and highly motivated and enthusiastic participants. All safety advice was followed and the rules of the road adhered to. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their picnic lunches in both the Harbour Field and Oliver Plunketts hurling grounds. When we arrived back at the school, we were greeted with ice cold ice-cream and wafers, ideal on a such a sunny summer’s day. Not only have we completed a project as part of work for the Travel Flag for Green Schools, we have raised a staggering €2400 in the process. Many thanks to all those who contributed so generously to our school. We are very appreciative of people’s generosity and goodwill.



Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will have a Sponsored Walk. This walk has a dual focus: we are completing it as part of our work on the Travel Flag for Green Schools and it is also an opportunity to raise funds to buy resources for our school. Our Juniors will complete a 3km route and our Seniors a 5km route. Juniors will stop off for a picnic lunch and games in the Harbour Field and the Seniors in St Oliver Plunketts hurling grounds. Who knows what something nice lies in store when we return to St Mary’s? We aim to start tomorrow morning at 11a.m. If you see us, wave at us. We’d love to have your support. Well done to all the boys (and their parents) who have returned their sponsorship cards.


OPEN NIGHT 11/6/13

Tomorrow night, Wednesday 12th June, we welcome our incoming pupils back to St Mary’s. There will be an introductory talk for our new boys and girls and their parents given  by our principal;  a chance for the pupils to meet their new teachers;  an opportunity to purchase next year’s textbooks at our “pop up bookshop”;  some time to have an amble around the building and of course, enjoy a few goodies. We’re looking forward to meeting you all….AGAIN! We hope that your years at St. Mary’s will be very happy ones.




Our 24th School Choir Concert was held last Friday night in Mullingar Arts Centre. It featured debut performances by our newly formed Junior Choir and Junior Recorder Ensemble. The Senior Choir gave excellent performances of a wide range of music and one little audience member was so engaged, he joined in the singing! The lively audience clapped, tapped and cheered on the young performers. Big celebrations are expected next year when the Senior Choir celebrates reaching 25 years, a quarter of a century in existence…


Some boys from Sixth Class headed to Streete today to take part in a Basketball Blitz and boy, did they perform a serious blitz on their opponents. We are delighted to announce that St Mary’s emerged VICTORIOUS at the end of the day  and were the overall winners. Well done to Christian who was named the Player of the Tournament.


Our Second Classes arrived at school resplendent in their First Communion finery. They enjoyed a pizza party and a dvd in the afternoon. That morning they had attended mass in the Cathedral with their class teachers. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard in preparation for the big day: teachers, pupils and parents.



Fifth Classes are currently slogging it out to be champions of the St. Mary’s League. Many thanks to Mr O Mairtin who organises the tournament during lunch times.



Armed with straws and play dough, these boys from third class set about constructing cuboids, pyramids, cubes and triangular prisms. They had a lot of fun.



The boys of second class are growing more and more excited as the long anticipated First Communion day draws closer. Their prayers and responses have been perfected and their copies reflect the preparation that has gone into getting ready for this very special day. We wish them and their families every blessing on Sunday and we hope they have a really lovely day, one which will live on in their memories for a very long time. Well done to their teachers, Ms Hallinan and Ms Murrin, for all their hard work and many thanks to Father McMahon who will celebrate the Mass. The boys put together a display which will be mounted in the Cathedral for their First Communion mass.



Our three Homework Clubs finished their term today.  Homework Club staff agreed that the members of all three clubs were a pleasure to work and that they looked forward to working with them again next year. As a reward, we held a surprise party in one of the classrooms. Everyone enjoyed the goodies and the break from work!



This is one of our mini “greenhouses”.. It is located in front of the school in a nice, sunny spot. Third classes have been busy sowing potatoes, turnips, carrots and lettuce. We’re looking forward to a bumper crop.



Today our school was an even busier hive of activity as final preparations got under way for the Cumann na mBunscol hurling final. This was our first time back in the final after 15 years. Senior classes made headbands and wristbands for everyone in the school to wear to the match in Cusack Park . The bunting was tweaked, flags painted, encouraging posters displayed, banners prepared and support chants rehearsed. The school jerseys were laid out with care and hurls and sliotars closely checked. The water bottles were filled, the first aid kit restocked and the team speech delivered. Then it was off to Cusack Park where a fantastic crowd of supporters, staff, parents and fellow pupils, cheered loyally for our team. Sadly, despite leading for most of the game, victory was not ours today and the final score was 2-06 to 2-09. It was a great game played with grit, guts and heart and we at St Mary’s are very proud of our valiant boys, Mr Scally (trainer) and Mr O Mairtin (mentor). Thanks for a truly memorable day.




Football training for third, fourth and fifth class began this week under the watchful eye of Mr O Mairtin. Rumour has it he’s looking for players for the school squad. Eyes on the ball, lads!



National Walk to School Day took place on Wed, 15th May. St Mary’s Primary and Presentation Junior and Senior Schools collaborated on a Park and Stride from Penneys carpark, Students who usually walk or cycle to school using alternative routes were encouraged to do so.  Our results in St Mary’s were staggering: 100 pupils walked all the way to school, 61 took part in Park and Stride and 32 cycled. That’s a total of  193 boys coming to school the eco and health friendly way. Well done, everyone. We’re very proud and are in the process of sending our results to An Taisce.

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Department approval granted for pre-school unit and class unit for children with autism…

St Mary’s has just received official news that it has been sanctioned to have a Unit for Autistic Children attached to the school. We have been approved to offer BOTH  a pre-school facility AND a class facility to children with autism. We are really excited by the news and are looking forward to many happy years of learning with and from our prospective pupils. Anyone interested in having their child’s name put forward for a place in either the pre-school or the class facility is asked to contact us at 044-9341517 to make an appointment to meet with the principal. She will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can e-mail us at