If your child has any of the symptoms listed in the image below, do not send them to school and contact your GP.


Mr Ó’Máirtín’s 5th Class

Fifth class had great fun in Maths using their names to create “eerie angles ” 

Senior Infants Term One


Ms Murrin’s Second Class

Goal Jersey Day

GOAL jersey day is taking place this Friday 8th October.

We’re asking children (and teachers!!) to wear their favourite jersey to school. Children who don’t have a jersey can wear their own clothes for the day.

We’re asking for any donation on the day.


Sunflower Rooms in the Community

 Our Sunflower Class enjoyed a trip to the local park.

Bike Week

Congratulations Ava on designing our winning Bike Safety Poster!

Mr Scally’s class designed some fantastic bike safety posters.

Ms Lambe’s Class have been preparing for bike safety week.

Ms Wafer’s Class have been preparing posters to advertise bike safety.

Ms Reehil’s 4th Class are preparing for bike week. 

Here’s a picture the posters we made in room 10 for bike week!

Mr O’Máirtín’s 5th Class are building bridges

Ms Keating’s Class are preparing for their Communion.


Our twins Stella and Alex who have joined our Sunflower classes. 

Very happy children from our Sunflower Class on their first day back at school

Back to school advice for parents and children

Below are guidance and videos created with some back to school advice for parents and children attending primary. You are encouraged to watch these videos with your child before they return to school.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

Please click on the link below for advice for parents during Covid-19: Back to School in September 2021


Back to school advice for junior infants

Please click on the link below to watch the video 

Back to school advice for senior infants to second class

Please click on the link below to watch the video

 Back to school advice for third class to sixth class

Please click on the link below to watch the video 

Return to school Hours

Please see below the School Start and Finish times for the classes returning to school on Thursday August 26th. 

Please note that 4th Class and 6th Class will be returning to school on Friday August 27th. 

Class Level

School Start Time

School Finish Time

Junior Infants

(Staggered Times)

First group 10 am

Last group 10:20 am

First group 11:40

Last group 12 am

Senior Infants 8:45 1:25
1st Class 8:40 2:20
2nd Class 8:40 2:20
3rd Class 8:30 2:10
5th Class 8:30



Please see below the School Start and Finish times for the classes returning to school on Friday August 27th.

Class Level School Start Time School Finish Time
Junior Infants 10 am 12 am
Senior Infants 8:45 1:25
1st Class 8:40 2:20
2nd Class 8:40 2:20
3rd Class 8:30 2:10
4th Class 8:40 2:20
5th Class 8:30 2:10
6th Class 8:30 2:10

Junior Infant School Hours

Date School Start Time School Finish Time
Thursday August 26th Staggered between 10 – 10:20 Staggered between 11:40 – 12
Friday August 27th 10 am 12 pm
Monday August 30th 9 am 12 pm
Tuesday August 31st 9 am 12 pm
Wednesday September 1st 9 am 1 pm
Thursday September 2nd 9 am 1 pm
Friday September 3rd 8:55 1:35

From Monday September 6th Infant hours will be from 8:50 – 1:30 daily. 


Ms O’Grady’s 6th Class

Sports Day 6th class 2021


6th Class School Tour


6th Class

St. Mary’s could like to wish our 6th Class students the very best of luck in their new schools. We have enjoyed watching you all grow and mature into fantastic students. 


1st Class Student Awards

Active Week

A big congratulations and a huge thank you to Ms Keating for our school’s Active Week. Ms Keating and her class kindly organised and ran our Active Week which was enjoyed by all. 

Please click on the link below to watch a fantastic video created by Shane Mahony and produced by Alex Archbold, highlighting the fun and excitement sports day creates. 

6th Class Sports Day


Cruinniu na nOg

Please find link to video of a  project with  Mullingar Arts Centre that some of our choir members took part in for Cruinniu na nOg which is happened Saturday 12th June. Four schools took part in the Rock my Soul project, and our video was filmed in the Cathedral, while the recording itself took place in the Arts Centre.  The video itself is 17 minutes long, and the section featuring our school starts about 12 minutes in. We hope that you enjoy it. 

Take a tour of our school through the world of MineCraft. 


This video was created by Valters Gutans in 5th Class as a project. Valters has worked for the last number of weeks on designing and making a virtual tour of our school. In total Valters made three videos, all of which are of excellent quality and show his skill as a designer. Well done Valters

Mr Scally’s 6th Class

We’ve been busy making lighthouses using what we’ve learned about circuits in Science lessons.

We’ve also just completed our ‘Junior Achievement programme’ virtually with our volunteer Mandy! 
We learned all about ‘The Power of Design’ and undertook a number of challenges along the way.
Ukulele lessons are in full swing also.

Ms Polgar’s 2nd Class

2nd class have been learning abut Van Gogh and recreating his famous painting sunflowers.

Ms Keating’s 4th Class

We recently held a writing competition in our class to finish off our narrative writing unit. Each story was unique and captivating and we had some amazing illustrators showcase their talents too.
Ms. McAdden judged our published books and prizes were given for best cover design, best illustrator, best handwriting and two awards for best story. The winners in Room 15 were Masa, Ryan, Leon, Majus and Jessica. Well done to everyone!

Senior Infant Aistear

Senior Infants love learning through play. Have a look at what we have been up to!



Room 7

Well done Room 7 on your brillaint answer making it onto live tv. Super work!

Congratulations to Ms Polgar and all of her students on this fantastic achievement. 

They worked really hard to answer the question “What’s your vision for Ireland in the future?”

Below is a clip of RTE 2 News today segment in which their answer was featured. 


Senior Infants Room 18

Rm 18. We have been busy learning about the Hairdresser and preparing for Easter.

Return to School

Book Collection Thursday February 25th. 

In preparation for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class returning to school we will be collecting their school books and copies. We will be collecting them on Thursday February 25th. This will allow the use of the books upon return to school having been quarantined for 72 hours. 

Time Class Drop Off Place
9:00 – 9:30 Junior Infants Room 1 Ms Milner: Front Door

Room 3 Ms Newman: Front Door

9:45 – 10:15 Senior Infants Room 13 Ms McVeigh: Back Door

Room 18 Ms Keane: Back Door

10:30 – 11:00 1st Class Room 2 Ms Lennon: Front Door

SSC Ms Lambe: Back Door

11:15 – 11:45 2nd Class Room 7 Ms Polgar: Front Door

Room 16 Ms Aherne: Back Door


Return to School Hours

Please see below the School Start and Finish times for the classes returning to school on Monday March 1st. 

Class Level School Start Time School Finish Time
Junior Infants 9:00 1:40
Senior Infants 8:45 1:25
First Class 8:40 2:20
Second Class 8:40 2:20


Zoom Guidelines

Guidelines on Zoom meetings for parents and children


2021/2022 Enrolment 

Please see linked our admission’s policy: Admissions Policy21.22 website 


St. Mary’s Primary School


in respect of admissions to the 2021/2022 school year


Admission Policy and Application Form

A copy of the school’s Admission Policy and the Application Form for Admission for the 2021/2022 is available as follows: –

To download: ApplicationForm2021.22 (1)

On request: By emailing  or writing to : St. Mary’s Primary School, College Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath N91HE22



PART 1 – Admissions to the 2022/2022 school year


Application and Decision Dates for admission to 2021/2022

The following are the dates applicable for admission to Junior Infants


The school will commence accepting applications for admission on  Friday 8th January 2021
The school shall cease accepting applications for admission on  Friday 29th January 2021
The date by which applicants will be notified of the decision on their application is     (Offers sent by post on 5th February 2021 8th February 2021
The period within which applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission is Friday 12th February 2021


Note: the school will consider and issue decisions on late applications in accordance with the school’s admission policy.



Special Class Application and Decision Dates for admission to St. Mary’s ASD Preschool Classes

The following are the dates applicable for admission to the school’s  Preschool Special Class which caters for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder   in the class –

The school will commence accepting applications for admission to the special class on  Friday 8th January 2021
The school shall cease accepting applications for admission to the special class on Friday 29th January 2021
The date by which applicants will be notified of the decision on their application for admission to the special class is 8th February 2021
The period within which applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission is Friday 12th February 2021


*Failure to accept an offer within the prescribed period above may result in the offer being withdrawn


Number of places being made available in 2020/2021 school year


The number of places being made available in Junior Infants  is 55
The number of residential places is (boarding schools only) Not Applicable
The number of non-residential places is (boarding schools only) Not applicable
The number of places being made available in the preschool special class* catering for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder is 4



PART 2 – Admissions to the 2020/2021 school year


In respect of the 2020/2021 school year, the total number of applications for admission received by the school was 136

Breakdown of places allocated for the 2020/21  school year:
Number of places available: 52 (Junior Infants)  8 (ASD Preschool Class)
Number of applications received: 122 (Junior Infants)    14 (ASD Preschool Class)
Number of Offers made and accepted under each criteria: A description of each criterion used and the number of places offered and accepted under that criterion must be entered here.


Junior Infants

Criterion One: Applicants with siblings attending the school – 31 places offered, 30 places accepted.

Criterion Two: Applicants living in the catchment area – 30 places offered, 22 places accepted


ASD Preschool Class

Criterion One: Applicants with siblings attending the school – 2 places , 2 places accepted.

Criterions Two: Applicants living in the catchment area -5 places offered – 5 places accepted

Criterion Three – Applicants living outside the catchment area – 1 place offered, 1 place accepted.


Total number of offers made  Junior Infants – 61 offers 

ASD Preschool class – 8 offers

Number of names placed on waiting list for the school year concerned. 30 placed on waiting list



Ms Quirke’s 5th Class

5th Class in Room 14 have been very busy this month, writing letters to the residents in Newbrook Nursing Home and creating some fabulous printed pieces designed by each child. 
We began three weeks ago when the students designed their print on paper and then created their design on foam. Last week, we printed onto fabric and each child has their own individual piece to bring home!
Everyone had great fun printing with acrylic paint!
We were also busy writing letters for the past two weeks. The children created puzzles and word searches for the residents in Newbrook, who we are thinking of this Christmas. 
On Wednesday, we went down to the Post Office to post our letters and we even got a hot chocolate from the wonderful staff in Chocolate Brown who were very accommodating! 
We’ve had a busy December, but we’re all looking forward to the holidays! 


Mr Scally’s Science Week 2020

Science Week November 2020 by Alex Archbold

This report is about science week 2020 which happened at school with our class. For one or two experiments you may need parental supervision.



Mirror writing: mirror writing is a fun activity that all you need is a mirror, pen/pencil, and paper. There is a lot of different ways to do mirror writing. We tilted the mirror to use it to write words onto paper using the reflection of the mirror. It was a bit tricky!



Colour spinners: the colour spinner is a difficult experiment to make. what you need is a circular piece of cardboard, colouring pencils, paper, and a line of string. The effect that it gives is all the colours change to white Tip; make sure you get a long piece of string.



Sound: unfortunately, all I got to do was the tuning forks. The other students made a rice drum, you need to get a bowl covered in cling film and then put rice on the cling film. You then make noise to see if rice will move.


The String Telephone: the string telephone is made up of two cans and a piece of string. First pierce a hole through the bottom of each can. Then place the string though the hole in the cans, tie a knot on each end of the string. Now all you need to do is to talk into it. It works better when the string is straight and tight!



Bottle Rockets: this was my favourite experiment that we did. what you will need is an empty bottle, a cork, paper cup, ALKA-SELSER and water. First put water into your bottle then put the Alka seltzer into the bottle now put in the cork, shake it, place into the cup, and wait a few seconds till blast off.



 Optical Illusions: they are fun but be careful not to hurt your eyes! We looked at some pictures to see what we could see for example we looked at this one picture were some students seen a young lady, but others seen an old lady.  After we made our own illusions.



The End


Hope you enjoyed!


4th Class Science Week Stem Projects

1st Class Science Week and Still Life Drawings

4th Class Environmental Learning

Our Lines and Angles Maths Trail

4th Class, Room 12

6th November, 2020


What we learned: 

‘’We learned that we can all work together as a team’’

‘’Everywhere you go there are lines and angles’’

‘’We learned that we don’t have to shout to be heard’’

‘’That people in the class can get along!!’’

We learned that we can work well, while having fun’’

‘’We can go outside without any screaming’’

‘’We discovered that there are different types of angles and lines outside’’

‘’We learned how to listen to each other’’

‘’Lines and angles are interesting to learn about’’

‘’It was easier to learn about lines and angles outside’’


4th Class Active Learning

We did some maths addition using Aldi brochures to plan and budget for a Halloween party. In history, we used stations at cones outside to discuss pictures of Bronze Age artefacts. We worked together with our pods to figure out what each item was used for and who might have used it!


Halloween at St

We did some maths addition using Aldi brochures to plan and budget for a Halloween party. In history, we used stations at cones outside to discuss pictures of Bronze Age artefacts. We worked together with our pods to figure out what each item was used for and who might have used it!

. Mary’s
























Ms Brennan’s 1st Class

Ms Quirke’s 5th Class

Room 14 have been learning about materials the past two weeks and we investigated different recyclable materials to chose the most suitable to construct bridges in our groups. The requirements were that the bridges were self-supporting and at least 15cm high and 20cm long. Some groups had to adapt their design when they tested their bridge and found out that they didn’t meet the brief!

Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been busy learning about patterns. During the month of October we will be talking and learning about Autumn and the seasonal changes. 

The Sunflower Room

Mrs Corcoran’s Class

 We had great fun engaging in sensory play in the Sunflower Room. We used shaving foam and glue with some food colouring to make ice cream cones. The mixture was so soft and squishy. It was so much fun to feel the texture running between our fingers.

Mr Scally’s Class

We enjoyed some outdoor reading in our pods to make the most of the September Sunshine.

Ms Newman’s Class

Junior Infants have been studying the topic of “myself” in September. Ms Newman’s class made fun play dough people. 

In Aistear they are playing in small world, construction, sand and playdough.



School re-opening timetable Week 2

Sunflower Rooms:  8:40 – 1:20

Junior Infants: 9:00 – 1:40

Senior Infants: 8:50 – 1:30

1st Class Room 7 Ms Brennan: 8:50 – 2:30

1st Class Room 2 Ms Lennon: 8:40 – 2:20

2nd Class: 8:40 – 2:20

3rd Class Room 8 Ms Shaw: 8:40 – 2:20

3rd Class Room 11 Ms Stephens & Ms O’Neill: 8:50 – 2:30

4th Class Room 12 Mr O’Maírtín: 8:40 – 2:20

4th Class Room 15 Ms Keating: 8:50 – 2:30

5th Class: 8:40 – 2:20

6th Class Room 9 Ms O’Grady: 8:50 – 2:30

6th Class Room 10 Mr Scally: 8:40 – 2:20


Girls Football News

Our girls football team have been training hard since the start of the school year and it’s brilliant to see so many girls taking part. They played Emper and Presentation in a blitz last Thursday. The girls were unlucky to come away without a win on the day but showed some great skills across the pitch! Well done girls!



Senior Infants Term One

Senior Infants have had an active start to the school year. They have been working on all things Autumn in Aistear, they went on a nature walk, completed pumpkin printing and 2D Shape work.

 001 005 008 aistear-007 aistear-008 aistear-010 aistear-011 aistear-012 aistear-015 aistear-016 aistear-018 autumn-005 autumn-003 aistear-019



Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings will take place on Monday 21st October and Tuesday 22nd October 22nd. We are trying a new system this year and would welcome your feedback on it. A note has been sent home with your child giving you the day and the time band for your meetings with your child(ren)’s teacher(s).

Monday October 21st:

2:35-3:30 Surnames A – G

3:30 – 4:25 Surnames H – M

Tuesday October 22nd:

2:35 – 3:30 Surnames N – S

3:30 – 4:25 Surnames T – Z

So Near Yet So Far!

                                        St Mary’s vs Moate

Reporter Jake “Scoop” Warde

First the players changed and went out to do their warm ups. We decided to wear our rarely seen red away jersies! For a warm up they would hand pass to the person in the middle and they would throw it up for you to catch it and then you would hand pass to the next person.

Then the match began. Both teams started strong, but Moate started stronger. They had about 16 points altogether, nearing the end of the first half Paul K scored a point and at the end it was 19 points to 1.

At the start of the second half we really kicked it into gear. After 5 minutes of back and forth Robert H scored a goal that gave us hope. Our teams defenders (Nour, Mikolaj, Motiejus Jack and Josh also Ben Brady as the goalkeeper) were giving it their all. After some time Kian scored a goal bringing the score to 7 points to 19. After some more time Paul K scored a goal after that Robert scored again. We were all over them. It was now 16 points to 19. After that it was back and forth, then a few points and we were in the lead by 1 point and with some more time there were more throws, scores and catches sadly they came out on top, but we didn’t go out without a fight. Our next match is against Rochfortbridge next week.

Final scores

St Marys                                                     Moate

6-9   (27)                                                    4-17(29


Ben                          Ryan

Eoin C                     Eoin D

Thomas                   Jayden

David                       Ali

Nour                         Luke

Marius                     Jack

Mikolaj                     Josh

Motiejus                  Kian

Paul                            Ryan

Robert                       David



Mr Ó Máirtín:

“I am thrilled with the performance. I think we should play in red more often!”

Mr Whitney:

“ A top class performance by a top class team. A brilliant overall team performance. Red jerseys but no red cards!!!”

Mr. Scally

“Mr Whitney should forget the jerseys more often! Super second half”.

Mrs. McVeigh

“I can let the boys out-I mean 6th class, but not the teachers!

Environmental Maths

St. Mary’s have been taking advantage of the excellent September weather. Many year groups completed Math Trails this month.

dscn6432 dscn6433 dscn6434 dscn6435 dscn6436 dscn6437 dscn6438 dscn6439 dscn6440 dscn6441 dscn6442 dscn6444 dscn6447 dscn6448 dscn6449 dscn6450 dscn6451 dscn6452 dscn6453 dscn6454 dscn6455 dscn6456 dscn6457 dscn6458 dscn6459 dscn6460 dscn6461 dscn6462 dscn6463 dscn6464 dscn6465 dscn6466 dscn6467 dscn6468


All Ireland Winners!

Congratulations to Ms Keating and her teammates on winning the Intermediate Camogie Final for Westmeath. This is a second All Ireland medal for Ms Keating having previously won the All Ireland Junior Camogie Final in 2017.

213f95d2-a5e4-425a-887a-975a4da461fb d7b766f5-7d9f-4f5f-b943-e13caa39dbbc


St. Mary’s wish are very own Ms Keating the best of luck in the All Ireland Intermediate Camogie Final.



Ms Keating will be joining her Westmeath teammates on Sunday at 2pm in Croke Park in a match against Galway. It will be televised on RTE2 so make sure you tune in to cheer her on!






Come to school for an evening!

Dear parents/Guardians of 1st – 6th class students,

You are invited to attend a homework evening in the school on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 6pm – 7pm with your child’s teacher.

Find out what homework is given, what teacher expects and find out how you can help your child with homework.

We look forward to seeing you there!



School Re-Opens for New School Term Thursday August 29th 2019

Junior Infants hours:

Thursday August 29th and Friday August 30th: 10:00-12:00

Monday September 2nd, Tuesday September 3rd and Wednesday September 4th: 9:00-12:00

Thursday September 5th: full school day 8:50-1:30



4th & 5th Class Draughts Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the 4th & 5th class draughts tournament. We had a very exciting final.

Well done to Harry and Liam!


Things are heating up in the 4th and 5th class draughts tournament.

The competitors are currently in the quarter final stage with a few wild cards to be chosen yet…more to come!


Baking with Mrs Christie

dscn6217 dscn6193 dscn6194 dscn6198 dscn6199 dscn6200 dscn6201 dscn6202 dscn6203 dscn6204 dscn6205 dscn6206 dscn6207 dscn6208 dscn6209 dscn6210 dscn6211 dscn6212 dscn6213 dscn6214 dscn6215 dscn6216

1st Class Construction


dscn6012 dscn6013

dscn6011 dscn6014

1st Class Love to Read!

dscn6010 dscn6002 dscn6000 dscn5999 dscn5998 dscn5997 dscn5996 dscn5995 dscn5994 dscn5993 dscn5992

Senior Infant Slime

timg-2106 img-2105 img-2104 img-2103 img-2102 img-2100 img-2099

Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been developing their problem solving and turn taking skills during Aistear.

img-2151 img-2176

Junior Infants

Junior Infants treated the junior end of our school and their parents to a spectacular showing of their play “Musicians of Bremen.” Congratulations to all of the students in Junior Infants and their very proud teachers Ms Stevens and Ms Keating.

img_1366 img_1367 img_1368

Junior infants enjoyed a trip to Rochforts and a spring walk in the community.


dscn5882dscn5883 dscn5884 dscn5885 dscn5886 dscn5887 dscn5888 dscn5889 dscn5890 dscn5891 dscn5892 dscn5893 dscn5894 dscn5895

img_1314 img_1317 img_1338

Environmental Math

2nd Class got to grips with their measurements while exploring the school environment.






dscn5952 dscn5951 dscn5950 dscn5949 dscn5948 dscn5947 dscn5944 dscn5943



 Environmental Science

Senior Infants took advantage of the sunny weather this term. They used the clear skies to trace their shadows.

dscn5869 dscn5868 dscn5867 dscn5866 dscn5865 dscn5864 dscn5863 dscn5862 dscn5861 dscn5860 dscn5859 dscn5858 dscn5857 dscn5856 dscn5855 dscn5854 dscn5853 dscn5852 dscn5851 dscn5850 dscn5849

6th Class Cooking

6th Class began their cooking scheme with delicious scrambled eggs.

dscn5826 dscn5829 dscn5830 dscn5831 dscn5832 dscn5833 dscn5834 dscn5835 dscn5836 dscn5837 dscn5840 dscn5841 dscn5842 dscn5844 dscn5845 dscn5846 dscn5847 dscn5848

3rd Class Tennis

dscn5925 dscn5924 dscn5923 dscn5922 dscn5921 dscn5916 dscn5917 dscn5918 dscn5919 dscn5920 dscn5915 dscn5914 dscn5913 dscn5912 dscn5911 dscn5910


Junior Infants

Junior Infants made beautiful still life pictures of a bowl of fruit.



Mrs. Corcoran’s Class have been extremely busy

Mrs. Corcoran’s class were very busy making pancakes. They loved measuring out and mixing all the ingredients. Of course the final stage of tasting was the best!!

20190305_093634 20190305_093740 20190305_093821 20190305_093914 20190305_120122 20190305_120134 20190305_120155

Mrs. Corcoran’s class are enjoying horse riding lessons at Mullingar Equestrian Centre. We even began trotting on our first day! It was super exciting. We are getting to know our horses and we are building friendships with our Transition Year helpers.

They have been exploring the story of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ for the last few weeks. They have expanded our vocabulary and have done a role play of all the different scenes of the story. They end up in the ‘narrow gloomy cave (their class tent)’ and proceed to their ‘bed’ where they hide under the covers, so the bear couldn’t find them. They have had such fun.
They also experimented with all the lovely different textures available throughout the story. They found out that some of them prefer other textures to others.
20190227_115604 20190227_115552 20190227_094353 20190227_094341 20190304_111844 20190304_111554 20190228_131830 20190228_131753 20190228_131728 20190227_115619 20190227_115635


Online Safety

img-1758     img-1751     img-1754

img-1750     img-1753    img-1745

img-1746   img-1747    img-1748

img-1749    img-1759    img-1755

Ms. Newman’s class had great fun visiting the playground during the lovely weather!

 zacary-park-3 zacary-park-2 muirin-park-1 kian-park-1 kian-muirin-park keeley-park-3 keeley-park-2 keeley-park-1 frankie-park-3 frankie-park-2 frankie-park-1 eli-park-1

Bear Hunt Activities

Ms Newman’s class have been reading “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and have really enjoyed the sensory story to go with it. They had lots of different textures to represent each part of the story and loved getting their hands into each box and exploring what they felt like.
They were also busy painting, cutting and gluing during art to create these magnificent works of art which represent all the different places the family visit on their bear hunt.
Zacary showed us how creative he can be by drawing this fantastic picture.
img_1812 img_1859-1 img_1864 img_1866 img_1868 img_1873 img_1873-2 img_1868-2 img_1866-2 img_1859-1 img_1854-1 img_1837-1 img_1834-1 img_1814-1
img_1859-1 img_1864 img_1866 img_1868 img_1873


Jungle Book Success

Congratulations to the students in 5th and 6th class on their outstanding performances in “The Jungle Book.” The performance in the Art Centre attracted a huge audience and was a fantastic success.

dscn5561 dscn5607 dscn5608 dscn5613 dscn5622img-1704 img-1705

2nd Class Sense Tests

Second class had great fun testing their hearing and taste senses in blind taste and sound tests.

dscn5655 dscn5654 dscn5652 dscn5653 dscn5651 dscn5650 dscn5649 dscn5648 dscn5647 dscn5646 dscn5641 dscn5642 dscn5643 dscn5645 dscn5644 dscn5640 dscn5639

4th Class Musical Instruments

4th class have been very busy making their own musical instruments.

dscn5634 dscn5635 dscn5636 dscn5637 dscn5638

4th Class Project Work

4th class kindly showed 2nd class some of the work that they have been completing this year. 2nd class were extremely impressed by all the hard work that 4th class had put into their projects on the different types of weather.

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Aladdin Performance

The students in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class were all treated to a spectacular performance of Aladdin. Our favourite part was witnessing Mr Ó’Máirtín dance moves.

dscn5388 dscn5392 dscn5396 dscn5429 dscn5430 dscn5434


Math Trails

2nd Class

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Senior Infant Math Trail

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Special Visit from the Irish Army

Room 1 Junior Infants

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Mr Gaffney, Mr Ó’Máirtín, Mr McGuinness and Mr Whitney staff bravely took on the razor in assembly today. They spent the month of November growing beards which were shaved today. Thank you for all the generous donations. They go directly to the Mullingar hospital to help purchase new equipment.

charity charity-2


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Ms Christie’s Art Club

Our Art Club takes place every Tuesday. The budding artists have made some beautiful masterpieces.

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Cross Country Medal Winners

dscn4736 dscn4732 dscn4731 dscn4728 dscn4724 dscn4714 dscn4713 dscn4711 dscn4710 dscn4709

County Champions, Mullingar Shamrocks

We were very lucky to have Shamrocks visit us with their cup won in county senior football. Mullingar Shamrocks beat  St. Loman’s 2-12 to 1-11 breaking their six year streak.

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Cormac’s Red Hat Day

dscn4501 dscn4508 dscn4505 dscn4503 dscn4500 dscn4496

Halloween at St. Mary’s

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Girls Football Success

Our girls football team are celebrating their first win of the season. The girls togged out on a rainy Thursday October 11th against All Saints. Congratulations to the team and to their couch Ms Flynn who have trained hard during lunchtimes and after school in preparation for this win. We wish the team the best of luck this season!


Homework Club

Homework Club is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.30-3.30p.m. for 4th to 6th class and from 2:30-3:05 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd  classes.  It is supervised by a teacher. Students receive all the help and support they require in addition to being encouraged to work independently. We have THREE clubs in operation, one for 1st and 2nd, 3rd and seniors.


School Reopening Hours

St. Mary’s Primary School will reopen for the new academic year 2018/2019 on Thursday August 30th. Breakfast club will begin on Thursday August 30th at 8:30 am, yard supervision will commence at 8:40.

Junior Infant Hours will be:

Thursday August 30th and Friday August 31st – 10am-12pm

Monday September 3rd, Tuesday September 4th and Wednesday September 5th – 9:10am -12pm

Thursday September 6th – 8:50-1:30 normal school day. Supervision available from 8:40.


First Class Hurling

First Class have been working really hard on their hurling skills. dscn3718 dscn3719 dscn3722 dscn3735 dscn3736 dscn3738 dscn3746 dscn3747

Liam MacCarthy Cup

We were privileged to receive a visit from the Liam MacCarthy Cup in St. Mary’s. Galway won the Liam MacCarthy cup for the first time in 29 years when they beat Waterford in the 2017 Hurling all Ireland final.

img-0458  img-0441 img-0450

St. Mary’s had a special visitor

img-0291 img-0293 img-0295 img-0297 img-0298 img-0299 img-0301 img-0302

Christmas Performance

Senior Infants have been very busy preparing for their Christmas performance. No doubt all mummies and daddies will be very impressed with their beautiful singing.