Sixth Class

Sixth Class

Mr Scally’s 6th Class

Mr Scally’s class were learning how to make their own pizzas. 

Mr Scally’s Science Week


Mr Scally’s 6th Class

We did a maths trail around the school in our groups for maths week!

We’ve been busy making lighthouses using what we’ve learned about circuits in Science lessons.

We’ve also just completed our ‘Junior Achievement programme’ virtually with our volunteer Mandy! 
We learned all about ‘The Power of Design’ and undertook a number of challenges along the way.
Ukulele lessons are in full swing also.


Mr Scally’s Science Week

Science Week 9 – 13th November 2020 by Zelie Tekumu


Last week, 9th – 13th of November, was Science week. Our class did an experiment everyday to mark the week. Here is a summary of our amazing week!

On Monday, we were experimenting with light. We had to point a mirror on a piece of paper and write our names while looking in the mirror. It wasn’t easy but I eventually got it. We tried to draw different shapes, still looking in the mirror.

The next day, we were still working with light. We cut out a circle on paper and divided it into seven. Then we coloured each part in the colours of the rainbow. We later cut out a circular piece of cardboard the same size as our paper circle, and stuck it on. We made tiny holes in it, and then we got twine ( a type of rope ) and put it through the holes. We tied the twine and then spun the circle, then pulled it. The effect it gave when we spun it was a white flash. I didn’t succeed because my holes were too close. But most of my friends were able to do it.

On Wednesday, we experimented with sound. Teacher gave us a bowl and rice. My group put a layer of cling film over the bowl, next we tied an elastic band around the bowl to secure it. We then put rice on top. The effect it was meant to give was when we talk or hum the rice would move. Ours didn’t work but two other  other groups were able to do it.

That was just one of the experiments we did. We also received tuning forks. Tuning forks are metal stretched out cuboids that when you hit an object then make a sound. We experimented with them in different ways. I hit the tuning fork off the table and then put it against paper. It started to vibrate.

The last experiment of the day was very simple. Teacher made fake telephones out of a tin can and rope. We talked into the tin and we could hear each other from the other side.

On Thursday we made rockets from bottles. We put warm water into a small bottle then we put the dissolvable vitamins into the water. We  then shook the bottle and then put it down, we waited for it to fly up. But it stayed dormant in the cup. We then watched other groups do it and we realised what we needed to change. Instead of the vitamin we used Alka-seltzer

( dissolving headache tablet ) and we repeated the same method decreasing the warm water. It went up in a matter of seconds. This was also my favourite experiment.

On the last day, we did illusional art. It looks like it’s moving if you look hard.

I enjoyed science week, and I learned a lot of new things. I would recommend these experiments, because they are fun and worth your time!

Mr Scally’s Science Week


Science week 9th~13th by Shane Mahony

Last week was science week in school here are some of the things we did. 

On Monday we experimented with mirror writing it’s kind of confusing but you end up getting it soon enough you put the mirror on the page and try write your name. It’s hard to write since the mirror makes it backwards.

On Tuesday we made color spinners you make a circle and put 5 or 6 colors in each section put the circle on cardboard and trace it. Put string through it and tie it. Twist it and pull.



 On Wednesday I unfortunately missed it because I had to do a milk run .But I did get to do the tuning forks we learned how the sound vibrated


On Thursday we made water bottle rockets. What you need is a water bottle; wine work ;water and a Alka salter tablet and a small cup, preferably cardboard . you pour your warm water in the cup about one fifth of the water and pour in the cup about one fifth of the water and put your tablets in put your cork on and shake it put it in the cup upside down and voila it blows up .


On Friday we did optical illusions they are like a trick of the light . They were fun but not as good as the rockets.

Mr Scally’s Science Week


Science Week November 2020 by Alex Archbold

This report is about science week 2020 which happened at school with our class. For one or two experiments you may need parental supervision.



Mirror writing: mirror writing is a fun activity that all you need is a mirror, pen/pencil, and paper. There is a lot of different ways to do mirror writing. We tilted the mirror to use it to write words onto paper using the reflection of the mirror. It was a bit tricky!



Colour spinners: the colour spinner is a difficult experiment to make. what you need is a circular piece of cardboard, colouring pencils, paper, and a line of string. The effect that it gives is all the colours change to white Tip; make sure you get a long piece of string.



Sound: unfortunately, all I got to do was the tuning forks. The other students made a rice drum, you need to get a bowl covered in cling film and then put rice on the cling film. You then make noise to see if rice will move.


The String Telephone: the string telephone is made up of two cans and a piece of string. First pierce a hole through the bottom of each can. Then place the string though the hole in the cans, tie a knot on each end of the string. Now all you need to do is to talk into it. It works better when the string is straight and tight!



Bottle Rockets: this was my favourite experiment that we did. what you will need is an empty bottle, a cork, paper cup, ALKA-SELSER and water. First put water into your bottle then put the Alka seltzer into the bottle now put in the cork, shake it, place into the cup, and wait a few seconds till blast off.



 Optical Illusions: they are fun but be careful not to hurt your eyes! We looked at some pictures to see what we could see for example we looked at this one picture were some students seen a young lady, but others seen an old lady.  After we made our own illusions.



The End


Hope you enjoyed!

Mr Scally’s Science Week


Mr Scally’s Class

We enjoyed some outdoor reading in our pods to make the most of the September Sunshine.

 Cooking Skills

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6th Class

6th class have had a very busy first term back in school. They completed their cycle safety program in September. To celebrate they went for a cycle down the canal on their final session.

6th class have been preparing for the transition into Secondary school. They have had guest speakers Mr Flanagan from CBS and Fr. Paul from St. Fininan’s. The many of the boys really enjoyed touring around CBS on the school open day on October 6th. The girls attended the open day in Loretto on October 11th and they had great fun viewing their new school for September 2019.

Both 5th and 6th class are really enjoying preparations for their up coming performance of “Jungle Book”. They are practicing weekly for the big show.


St. Brigid’s Walk

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Pen Licences

Five members of 6th class were very proud to receive their pen licences on Friday. They have achieved the highest standard of penmanship and have set the standard of writing throughout the school. Congratulations Cormac, Óisin, Filip, Katie and Amy.



Here’s some write ups of the Experiments we did for science week. We investigated Light and its properties.  Check out our photos.


Experiment 2            Light experiments


 image1image3 image4




In Room 14 we did projects based on the work we did in class. Have a look at some of our powerpoints.

bones       England      Hungary      THE HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN


Mr Scally’s sixth class did project work on the brain and the heart. Here is a powerpoint which was created by Conor Glynn. Well done all!!!

brain and the heart


Chess Tournament

Yesterday our school went to play chess in Tullamore. There were four teams playing, there was the St.Marys A team B team and C team and St.Brendans Birr. St.Marys C team won the tournament The A team came second and the B team came third.  Three people went home with individual prizes. In first place Atiajan Zarghoonsha from St. Brendans Birr, in second place was Benjamin Nanau and in third place Evan Battle. We had a wonderful experience at the Bridge Hotel at our first midlands chess tournament.




On the 25/5/14  the two sixth classes went to lough crew, when we got there we were     split  into groups of  ten. There were lots of things to like zorb football:zorb football is were you go in a big ball of air but we had no football so we just rolled down a hill and bashed into each other. Climbing wall:,when we went the climbing wall we put on our helmets, we all climbed it was fun.Rope course:on the rope course we had to climb ropes it was a little bit hard but it was fun.The  team rope course:in the team rope course we had to carry a cup of water we had to climb ropes and pass a cup without the water spilling it was hard but also fun. Zip line:when we got to the zip line we had to put our helmets on when you got up you have to get your clip strapped up and we jump of we could hang upside down it was extremely fun.The assault course: in the assault course we had to jump in to mud then walked through mud then there was mucky water some people swam and others walked there were tires when we climbed over you had to put your face in mucky water then you had to get to the end and pull your self up when we finished we went to this place were we had to wash our faces and clean our selves. We all had a fun day.

IMG_1912 IMG_1925 IMG_1948 IMG_1954 IMG_1965 IMG_1968 IMG_2003














































World War 2  Spit fire’s planes .

Mr Scally’s  class learning about World War 2. We made our own RAF Spitfire planes. watch the power point to find how !


Italian Stallions. 

In room 14 we have been working hard in history and geography,learning about Ancient Romans,Rome and Italy.We all did a project. Cathal,Rohail and Conor made excellent powerpoints .Please enjoy them.

Presentation 2

Rohail powerpoint presitanion Italy


6th Class play Maths Games with the Juniors

On Friday 18th, 6th class invited the juniors to their classroom. The idea was to play maths games with them. They were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy the games. We played the colour game, joining the dots game, matching games, odd-one out game and the weighing game. We really enjoyed working with the younger pupils and we hope to bring them back to our class again later on in the year.

School pictures 1459

School pictures 1465

School pictures 1464

School pictures 1485

School pictures 1493



Powerpoints on 9/11

Room 14 have been working on some powerpoints  about 9/11 . We have learned so much about the Twin Towers , the Pentagon and AL -Qaeda . Cathal, Connor and Rohail have created the following powerpoints . Please check them out .





6th Class Trip to Library

On Wednesday 6th class went to the library for an exhibition and talk from local photographer John McCauley who visited Tanzania for some charity work. The boys really enjoyed the trip and asked some very interesting questions.

IMG_1114 IMG_1116 IMG_1122 IMG_1118 IMG_1110