Second Class

Second Class


Second Class

Ms Polgar’s Second Class

2nd class have been learning abut Van Gogh and recreating his famous painting sunflowers.


Mr O’Mairtin’s 2nd Class

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Environmental Math

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 Second class had great fun testing their senses, taking part in both blind taste tests and sound tests.

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Second took part in a Math Trail, exploring the school environment.

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Mr Ó’Máírtín’s class were expertly supported by 6th class students in a paired reading activity.

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Ms MaGrath’s class have been doing some very interesting activity centres.

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Second class in Room 12 were busy making Winter baskets recently. Here’s just a few of them.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

For our Christmas Art, we turned ourselves into Santa’s Elves!

We used paper plates to design an elf face that looked just like our own face.

In Maths, we were learning about right angles in our environment.

We made our own ‘right angles’ out of paper card and we took a walk around

our school to find some. We found out that right angles are everywhere in our school


right-angles2-1 right-angles2-2

In November, we were learning all about houses; different houses around the world, including animal

houses (ask us what we know about a fox’s home and a badger’s home!)
For art, we brought in materials from home to make our own ‘house’. We used cardboard, paper,
tissue rolls and cereal boxes. We produced some very creative designs!

 houses3 houses2 houses

Science Week (November 12th-19th)

Second Class in Room 10 were set a challenge to find out which material would be the best

at keeping ice-lollies cool and slowing down the melting process.

We tried out tin foil, plastic, paper, tissue, cardboard and cotton wool.

We recorded how the ice-lollies appeared every 5 minutes.

Our results showed that the ice-lollies wrapped in cotton wool were the slowest to

melt and, therefore, cotton wool was the best at keeping the ice-lollies cool!

science-experiment science-experiment2

Bridge Building in 2nd Class

Check out our amazing works of architecture. These bridges took a lot of time and effort but we think they are worth it!

1st class Bridges 001 1st class Bridges 002 1st class Bridges 003 1st class Bridges 004 1st class Bridges 005 1st class Bridges 006 1st class Bridges 007 1st class Bridges 008 1st class Bridges 009 1st class Bridges 010