Fourth Class

Fourth Class

Ms Keating’s 2nd Class

We recently held a writing competition in our class to finish off our narrative writing unit. Each story was unique and captivating and we had some amazing illustrators showcase their talents too.
Ms. McAdden judged our published books and prizes were given for best cover design, best illustrator, best handwriting and two awards for best story. The winners in Room 15 were Masa, Ryan, Leon, Majus and Jessica. Well done to everyone!

Science Week Stem Projects

4th Class Environmental Learning

Our Lines and Angles Maths Trail

4th Class, Room 12

6th November, 2020


What we learned: 

‘’We learned that we can all work together as a team’’

‘’Everywhere you go there are lines and angles’’

‘’We learned that we don’t have to shout to be heard’’

‘’That people in the class can get along!!’’

We learned that we can work well, while having fun’’

‘’We can go outside without any screaming’’

‘’We discovered that there are different types of angles and lines outside’’

‘’We learned how to listen to each other’’

‘’Lines and angles are interesting to learn about’’

‘’It was easier to learn about lines and angles outside’’

4th Class Active Learning

We did some maths addition using Aldi brochures to plan and budget for a Halloween party. In history, we used stations at cones outside to discuss pictures of Bronze Age artefacts. We worked together with our pods to figure out what each item was used for and who might have used it!

4th Class

Space and Viking Projects

4th Class were busy doing Space and Viking Projects. Check out our great PowerPoints.








Mr Scally’s 4th class

Mr Scally’s 4th class have had an extremely busy start to term one. They have been developing their procedure writing skills.



They visited exotic animals when they came to St. Mary’s.

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They went on a trip to the library to make Robotic Lego.

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They took part in science week,

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4th Class have been experimenting with clay.

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Vincent Van Gogh Art


Christmas Concert

4th Class worked very hard preparing their fantastic Christmas show which was enjoyed by both the school and their parents.

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4th class painting their clay models of Viking Long ships after learning all about Vikings in


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Please check out our 4th class blog by clicking on the link below




Stirring up a Storm in 4th Class

In class we created our very own rainstorm when we were learning about clouds. The three cloud types we looked at were cumulous, stratus and cirrus. We recorded the cloud type every day for a week in our copy and we predicted the temperature in Mullingar, Oslo (Norway) and Sydney (Australia)

We created a rainstorm to see how rain falls from the sky. We made some clouds using shaving foam. We made the rain using blue and red food colouring.
photo (16)

We added the rain using a dropper. When we first added the food colouring, nothing happened. This is just like clouds in real life. The water builds up in clouds and when the cloud gets too heavy it starts to rain. After more food colouring was added the rain began to fall from the clouds and we could see it in the bowl!

photo (15) photo (14)

Then we decided to add lots of food colouring and we created a rain storm where the rain covered the bowl and came down really fast as the cloud couldn’t hold it any more.

photo (11)

We were all really excited watching this experiment. We predicted what might happen first and then we wrote about what happened in our copies.

Vibrations in Room 12!!
By Victoria Nwamo

On the second of December Room 12 did an experiment on vibrations. So Ms. Keating got all the objects and materials ready. She needed a tuning fork, a transparent jar of water, boxes, bottles, basins, the interactive whiteboard and lots more.

The classroom was divided into 6 stations and we went around in our groups doing experiments at each station and writing up a report about the experiments. After we all picked our favourite experiment!

I hope you enjoyed my report!

photo (9)

Merry Christmas from Fernando and all of Room 12 😀

photo (17)
Matilda by Dylan O’Brien

We are learning about Matilda in class. Our teacher is reading a book to us and we made comic strips. We’re going to post five online on our

website. We know that Matilda adores reading books. In the house of Matilda ,things don’t always go as planned. In one of the chapters,  Matilda

superglues her dads hat. We all think Matilda is interesting and very exciting. We love listening to our teacher reading it. Matilda even scared her

entire family with a parrot. I really enjoyed it. Roald Dahl must of thought really hard to write Matilda.


These are the 5 winning comic strips showing one of the tricks Matilda plays on her family…

photo (6)

The first is by Libin Philip Mathew and the title is ‘Hatrick.’

The second is by Dylan O’Brien and the title is ‘The Hat Trick.’

photo (7)

The top comic is by Abigail Deegan and the title is ‘Revenge.’

The bottom comic is by Martynas Danys and the title is ‘Ouch.’


photo (8)

This comic strip is by Deimantas Strelkauskas and the title is ‘Hatrick.’