First Class

First Class

Ms Lambe’s Halloween Art

Ms Lennon’s Science Week and Still Life Drawings

Ms Brennan’s 1st Class

Farm Stations

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STEM Projects

Ms Newman’s class had great fun creating their day and night felt scenes.

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Construction Art

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1st Class Love to Read!

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Math Activities

First class have been working very hard to develop their subtraction skills. This fun and interactive game of snakes and ladders was a fun way of showing off all the skills we have acquired.

img-0428 img-0429 img-0431 img-0433 img-0435 img-0436

The Snowman

1st Class have been very busy studying “The Snowman”. We began by creating story boards sequencing the main events and complied them into a retelling of the story.

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Ms Milner’s First Class


Halloween Celebrations

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First Class explore their surroundings.

First class went on an expedition to explore our local community. We paid particular attention to signs of autumn that are beginning to emerge.