Senior Infants

Senior Infants




Ms Keane’s Senior Infants 

Senior Infants love learning through play. Have a look at what we have been up to!


Senior Infants Room 18

Rm 18. We have been busy learning about the Hairdresser and preparing for Easter.


Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been busy learning about patterns. During the month of October we will be talking and learning about Autumn and the seasonal changes. 

Science Week

Senior Infants made glitter playdough for Science week.

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Senior Infants Term One

Senior Infants have had an active start to the school year. They have been working on all things Autumn in Aistear, they went on a nature walk, completed pumpkin printing and 2D Shape work.

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Senior Infants


Senior Infants were learning about light and dark in April. They took advantage of the good weather and used the environment to trace their shadows.

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Senior Infants made beautiful party hats in art this week.

dscn5370 dscn5371 dscn5372 dscn5373 dscn5374 dscn5375

The month of November brought the Toy Shop to senior infants.

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We enjoyed a Autumn nature walk. We collected leaves to make Leaf Men in Art class.

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Senior Infants have been enjoying the theme of “The Ugly Duckling” in Aistear for October.

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Senior Infants have had a really busy start to the new school year. We have been working intensively on their reading skills during our daily guided reading intervention.

“The ultimate goal of guided reading is to help children learn how to use independent reading strategies effectively” (Fountas and Pinnell 1996:2)

We have also thoroughly enjoyed our Aistear theme “The Ugly Duckling” for the month of October. We have made clay nests and eggs for mother Duck and we made beautiful swans out of paper plates and feathers.


Senior Infants had great fun at their teddy bear’s picnic.


Senior Infants took advantage of the fine weather on Friday to do some estimating and measuring outside in the Junior Yard.

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Senior Infants have been very busy practicing their songs for their Christmas performance.