Fourth Class


Date: November 5, 2013 Author: schooladmin Categories: Fourth Class


Matilda by Dylan O’Brien

We are learning about Matilda in class. Our teacher is reading a book to us and we made comic strips. We’re going to post five online on our

website. We know that Matilda adores reading books. In the house of Matilda ,things don’t always go as planned. In one of the chapters,  Matilda

superglues her dads hat. We all think Matilda is interesting and very exciting. We love listening to our teacher reading it. Matilda even scared her

entire family with a parrot. I really enjoyed it. Roald Dahl must of thought really hard to write Matilda.


These are the 5 winning comic strips showing one of the tricks Matilda plays on her family…

photo (6)

The first is by Libin Philip Mathew and the title is ‘Hatrick.’

The second is by Dylan O’Brien and the title is ‘The Hat Trick.’

photo (7)

The top comic is by Abigail Deegan and the title is ‘Revenge.’

The bottom comic is by Martynas Danys and the title is ‘Ouch.’


photo (8)

This comic strip is by Deimantas Strelkauskas and the title is ‘Hatrick.’