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Date: September 9, 2013 Author: schooladmin Categories: Latest News, News, St. Mary's Primary School NewsFlash

Homework Evening

This Wednesday evening Sept 11th, we will hold our annual Homework Evening in the school. Parents of first, second and third classes are invited to come along at 6.30pm and afterwards at 7.30pm, fourth, fifth and sixth class parents are welcome.

As parents you will get the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and gain an insight into how you can support them at home in relation to homework. It is a really worthwhile evening where you can address any concerns you may have in relation to homework. It is important that you bring your child along with you on Wednesday evening as this makes the experience more fruitful. Your child can bring along the homework that she/he has been assigned  that evening and you will be shown how to improve the experience and perhaps lessen the anxieties that often accompany homework in the home.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and we hope the children will come along in big numbers , full of questions and enthusiasm!