St Marys vs Castletown Geoghegan 8/5/13
On Wednesday the 8th of May, St Mary’s played their most important match of the season: the semi-final of the Cumann na mBunscol hurling championship. Mary’s were playing against Castletown Geoghegan. We were determined to get to the first hurling final in fifteen years. It was a cloudy day in St Loman’s. When the referee Declan Hogan threw in the ball, Mary’s were straightaway into the game with Jamie Kindregan scoring a point. Quickly afterwards Jamie Kindregan again scored a goal. Mary’s came back again with a point from Jamie Kindregan. Luke Maguire went on a solo run and scored a goal that really built to Mary’s lead. Castletown got their first attack of the game and won a free close-in but Castletown failed to convert the chance. The backs, Sean Mahon, Jamie Moody and Tristan Graham, held off the Castletown forwards. Shane Murtagh’s puck outs were always successful. For the rest of the half, the two teams were battling for possession and there was one score for St Mary’s. The half time score was 2-3 to 0-1 to St Mary’s.
Mary’s started the second half with the same momentum as the first. Mary’s got better as the half went along. Before Castletown could get into the second half, Luke Maguire scored a point. Castletown kept trying but they were getting nowhere past the strong defence and midfield. From the puck out, Mary’s got a free near the halfway line. It was raining so Rhys Poynton dried his hurl and stepped up and put the ball between the post. Again Mary’s got another counter attack and Rhys Poynton played the ball into Luke Maguire and Luke played the ball along the ground and it hit the post, The goalkeeper came and got the ball and cleared it only to Rhys Poynton’s hands and Rhys put it over the bar. Castletown came back and scored a goal. Mary’s tried to keep possession but Castletown kept attacking for about five minutes but failed to score. Castletown started to give up. Mary’s came back and scored a goal. St Mary’s won the game and are in the final on the 21st of May in Cusack Park at 4pm. The final score was 4-8 to 1-1 to St Marys.
Shane Murtagh, Jamie Moody, Sean Mahon, Tristan Graham, Stephen Kelly, Rhys Poynton, Marc Reilly Watters, Luke Maguire, Jamie Kindregan, Jordan Byrne, Christian Oria, Josue Zozo, Wayne Boyce, Rohail Ramesh, Robbie Greville, Bradley Mee, Cathal Woods, Ricardo Lingi

Reporters: Bartek Kapala, Shane Murtagh, Rhys Poynton, Luke Maguire



St Mary’s vs Taughmon
St Mary’s played their second match in the championship against Taughmon. They were determined to win after their loss against Loughegar. When referee Declan Hogan threw in the ball Taughmon gained possession, but St Mary’s regained the ball immediately and earned a ‘65’. Skipper Rhys Poynton scored a fantastic goal from the ‘65’. St Mary’s got possession from the puck out, of which Marc Reilly took advantage and the shot took a deflection off the defenders hurl and went into the top corner. When the ball was pucked out St Mary’s batted it down which gave Taughmon possession. Taughmon didn’t make use off their chance so St Mary’s took possession which gave Marc Reilly-Watters a great chance to score a goal. St Mary’s won the puck out and Rhys Poynton scored the first point of the game. The second point of the game came from Luke Maguire from about 20 yards out. Taughmon had the ball and took a shot from about 30 yards out but it went wide. When St Mary’s hit the ball out Marc Reilly-Watters caught the ball, He then gave a pass into our corner- forward Jordan Byrne who struck it along the ground beautifully and put it passed the keeper. A few minutes after Jamie Kindregan scored a great goal Rhys Poynton scored two more points later on in the first half. St Mary’s had a comprehensive first half performance. At half time the score was St Mary’s 5-4 to Taughmon’s no score.
In the second half St Mary’s dominated. Taughmon scored their first point of the game ten minutes into the second half. After great work by Robbie Greville, Marc Reilly-Watters scored a goal. When he scored the goal he got excited and hugged the Ref and left him with a nose bleed! In the second half St Mary’s had to work very hard as Taughmon piled on the pressure. Great defensive work by Shane Murtagh, Jamie Moody, Sean Mahon, Tristan Graham, and later on Cathal Woods and Bradley Mee, held Taughmon to just four points for the 2nd half. St Mary’s played brilliantly, in the end St Mary’s won by 18 points .
St. Mary’s squad V Taughmon :
Shane Murtagh, Jamie Moody, Sean Mahon, Tristan Graham, Stephen Kelly, Rhys Poynton (capt), Marc Reilly Watters, Luke Maguire, Jamie Kindregan, Jordan Byrne, Christian Oria, Josue Zozo, Ben Starr, Wayne Boyce, Rohail Ramesh, Robbie Greville, Bradley Mee, Cathal Woods, Ricardo Lingi.

Mrs McVeigh said
“It was a powerful exhibition of hurling. I’m very proud of them well done to Mr Scally and Mr O Mairtin. They learned alot from the lougheagar game. It’s all to play for now.”

Mr O Mairtin said
Maybe we wont sack Mr scally yet!. Well done boys.

Mr Scally said
Application forms available for assistant manager, Mr O Mairtin isn’t working out. Great performance, lets keep it up.

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St Mary’s played their first match in the championship against Loughegar on the St Lomans all weather pitch. Although it was cold and damp, conditions were perfect for a good game of hurling. We knew it would be a tough match as Loughegar have won lots of A championships in the past.
St Mary’s were fired up for the match as referee Declan Hogan started the game. Within two minutes St Mary’s took the lead when Mark Reilly Waters struck over a beautiful point from 35 meters on the run. Mark Reilly Waters delivered the ball in on the ground to Luke who picked it up, took a shot and scored a beautiful goal from 10 yards away. Loughegar had the possession for most of the first half, if it wasn’t for the defenders Loughegar would have been winning in the first half. Sean Mahon stood his ground and Jamie Moody cleared the ball first time every time it came near him. Tristan Graham saved an almost certain goal by flicking the ball off the opponent’s hurl, and Shane Murtagh saved lots of great shots. At half time the score was 1-1 to no score to St Mary’s.

Loughegar took control in the second half. They scored an early point and goal to even up the scores. Both teams were trying their best to take control of the match. Rhys Poynton took possession of the sliotor and ran through the defence with ease and struck a beautiful point which put St Mary’s ahead. Loughegar replied with a lucky goal that put them two points ahead. St Mary’s came back with a goal from Jamie Kindregan. Again Loughegar scored another goal. St Mary’s were playing with all their might but Loughegar got another goal. The match ended 4-1 to 2-2 to Loughegar. After a great match Loughegar won by 5 points but St Mary’s played brilliantly. Congratulations to Loughegar .Although we lost we were delighted with our performance and we are looking forward to the next round against Taughmon next Tuesday.

Mr Scally said “St Mary’s had a great first half performance. We defended very well, I’m disappointed with the result but there are a lot of positives to bring with us to the next game.”

Ms McVeigh said
“It was a plucky performance, They were full of heart and determination. They had an excellent first half. We have a performance to build on.”

Mr O Mairtin said
“We should give Mr Scally one more chance to win. If he doesn’t get us two points we shall sack him!”

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