Fourth Class

Stirring up a Storm

Date: December 17, 2013 Author: schooladmin Categories: Fourth Class

In class we created our very own rainstorm when we were learning about clouds. The three cloud types we looked at were cumulous, stratus and cirrus. We recorded the cloud type every day for a week in our copy and we predicted the temperature in Mullingar, Oslo (Norway) and Sydney (Australia)

We created a rainstorm to see how rain falls from the sky. We made some clouds using shaving foam. We made the rain using blue and red food colouring.

photo (16)

We added the rain using a dropper. When we first added the food colouring, nothing happened. This is just like clouds in real life. The water builds up in clouds and when the cloud gets too heavy it starts to rain. After more food colouring was added the rain began to fall from the clouds and we could see it in the bowl!

photo (15)                   photo (14)

Then we decided to add lots of food colouring and we created a rain storm where the rain covered the bowl and came down really fast as the cloud couldn’t hold it any more.

photo (11)

We were all really excited watching this experiment. We predicted what might happen first and then we wrote about what happened in our copies.